Public Schools’ Priority: “Challenging Heteronormativity In The Primary Classroom”

     A research paper submitted to the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto has revealed shocking practices of Toronto Public Schools.

     The “Socialist Studies” blog reveals the “anti-heteronormative” agenda of the school district, as well as outright calling upon Marxist theory to develop pedagogy — in elementary schools!

     Some of the major points include:

  • The battle against “homophobia” and “transphobia” must be integrated into all aspects fo teaching
  • Mandatory integration of LGBTQ issues
  • Mandatory teaching of how “heteronomatism” is evil
  • Force children to question the belief that there is only two genders
  • Taking students to gay pride events
  • Social Justice!!1!
  • “Correcting” three year-olds who believe that having a mommy and daddy are normal
  • Taking advantage of kindergarten kids’ illiteracy to change a perfectly good book into a homosexual book.
  • Teachers being “agents of change”
  • Application of Marxist theory to further these goals.

     The rabid left are so obsessed with this, that everything becomes about it, without exception.

     The full research paper can be seen below:

Saydi Rodriguez.challenging Heteronormativity in the Primary Classroom

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