The Presumptions of the Left

     The Left have a perverse and manichean ideology, infused with their own brand of gnosticism, to justify their totalitarian hatred and intolerance by defining “the other” as evil, and then defining themselves as being good because they are in opposition to said axiomatic evil. To believe in such madness, a certain pseudo-logic based upon a quite fallacious set of first principles.

     One of the myriad ways that the Left’s false presumptions destroys all around, is in the world of literature and the study thereof. Neema Parvini, a Senior Lecturer in English as the University of Surrey, has noted not only the pernicious invasion of literary theory, but quite astutely lists the assumptions that the Left holds dear in an almost religiously fanatical way.

  • There is no universal human nature.
  • Human beings are primarily a product of their time and place.
  • Therefore, power, culture, ideologies, and the social institutions that promulgate them have an extraordinary capacity to shape and condition individuals.
  • In Western societies, since these institutions have been dominated by people who were predominantly rich, straight, white, and male it has tended towards pushing the particular interests of rich straight white men to the detriment of all other groups.
  • Furthermore, these rich straight white men have done this by acting as if their sectional interests were universal and natural – a flagrant lie.
  • Importantly, however, few if any of these rich white straight men were consciously aware of doing this, because they were themselves caught in the matrices of power, culture, ideologies and so on.
  • Where subordinated groups have gone along with these power structures, they have been exploited and the victims of ‘false consciousness’.
  • Now is the time to redress this balance by exposing the ways in which old texts have promoted the sectional interests of the rich straight white men and by promoting the voices of the historically marginalised groups.

     Based upon this, an axiomatic manichean set of intersectional “oppressor” categories against “oppressed” categories emerge:

     Once one can start to grok the language and pseudo-logic of the Left, and why they construct their justifications the way they do, then and only then can the Left be countered, regardless of how much sound and fury is otherwise strutted and fretted in a petty pace…

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