Table of Privilege and Oppression

     A handy-dandy table of oppression given out by a school assembly claims that “Kyriarchs” can never be oppressed because they are defined as not being targeted by such things as racism or sexism.  Even if they are targeted, they are not “targeted” by definition.

     Click on the image for a full sized image.

     The fourteen types of oppression include not only the classics like racism and sexism, but the new “ism” like “lookism,” “sizeism,” as well as something called “Language Oppression” which basically involved being a native English speakers…

     The “Target Groups” and “Non-Target Groups” are based on the idea that oppression is “systemic” and that even if, for an example, a non-Whites in a non-White majority neighborhood could terrorize a someone who is White based on racial hatred by definition can’t be racist, because “Whiteness” or “White Supremacy” is “systemic” and counters and all rape and murder via some mysterious miasma of Whiteness; in contrast the reverse is definitionally  racist “White Supremacy” and the Miasma of Whiteness protects them from any and all consequences.  The same applies to the other “types of oppression”.

     And when you have people who are have characteristics in both groups, you get “Intersectionalism” whereby who is “Targeted” or “Non-Targeted” is determined by who has the most “Targeted” characteristics.

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5 Responses to Table of Privilege and Oppression

  1. avatar harbqll says:

    OK, so if I’m getting this, it’s physically, spiritually, psychically, morally, metaphysically, and in all other ways utterly impossible for me as a white guy to:

    A) Be oppressed in any way shape or form,


    B) Avoid oppressing non-white, non-males (and non-anything else I’m not, I suppose) despite any and all actions I may take to do so.

    If these are correct, then the deck is stacked, I’m buried under the neo-puritan definition of original sin, and there’s nothing I can do about it. I don’t even have the benefit of a messiah or savior to offer forgiveness.

    If this is the case, what then is my motivation to try? If I can’t ever win, why play? Why shouldn’t I embrace this “inner evil” the neo-puritan left has saddled me with, and just run with it?

    Why should I offer even the slightest concession over anything the leftys demand of me, if doing so scores me exactly zero points?

    • The Political Hat The Political Hat says:

      Well, if you claim to be “Queer” (or any other invented sexuality), “Trans” (or any other invented non-cis gender), “Otherkin”, or mentally ill, you’ll jump ahead of “cis-het” women and non-White men in the hierarchy of oppression.

  2. avatar Spell says:

    The rest of the packet, I was at the event in question.

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