The Logic of the Left

     The logic of the intersectionally woke Left goes thusly:

  1. Whites, conservatives, men, “cis-het”, &c. hold “institutional privilege and power”.
  1. This “institutional privilege and power” is axiomatically deemed evil, as “Whiteness”, “heteronormativity”, &c. are defined as “systems” used to oppress everyone else via “institutional privilege and power” , with such “systems” being at the very fiber of Western Civilization.

2a. These interlocking systems of oppression is called “Kyriarchy”.

  1. As a corollary, opposing this is per se defined as “justice” and thus good.
  1. Bullying, violence, and oppression are bad, and as such can only definitionally done by the “Kyriarchy” and those who support it (e.g. only Whites can be racist, only men sexist, &c.), even if the actions or words are in and of themselves neutral or good, for anything done by the defintionally evil is as a corollary a definitional evil.
  1. Opposing the “Kyriarchy”, being defintionally “justice” can never be bullying, violence, and oppression since opposing “Kyriarchy” is defintionally good and those who do the definitionally good must always be doing good, even if the actions or words are in and of themselves bad.

     Thus we can see that these social justice warriors and assorted violent thugs consider themselves on the side of justice because they are opposing others who have been axiomatically defined as evil.

     In other words, the designated villain is evil because they have been axiomatically defined as evil, and the social justice warriors are good because they are in opposition to this evil.

     While this may seem irrational and insane by the standards of a rational thinking human being, it makes perfect sense to those who have been so thoroughly indoctrinated by the Left that you are to them irrational and insane.

     This has been building up for years and kids today have largely been indoctrinated.

     This is the only way they know how to think.

     Telling them they are crazy will just preclude an possibility of converting them back nor rational thinking. They are but buggy whips of reason.

     This is why it is important to understand the insidious way the Left have substituted their own reality and their own logic for the sanity we all recognize. ‘Tis folly to just assume that the Left actually cares about any identity group — for they are just a tool to them. The proffered explanations are not meant to convince, but to certify the triumph of an underlying basis for a worldview that you can not grok.

     And this success is why calls ’tis folly to make a bold stance with total honesty and sincerity that by simply speaking truth to power that all that has been mutated well over a century will melt away.

     This is because not everyone can grok that the effects of replacing the fundamental assumptions of society may not have percolated to the surface yet, but they have happened.

     Wanting to take a bold stand and start screaming about how anyone who doesn’t join in the sound and fury are somehow ignorant of the danger or are actively collaborating, is not the sign of someone who believes the depths of the danger we are in, but the sign of a pollyanna who doesn’t grok just how deep of a mess we are in.

     The reason why so many actual conservatives are not willing to throw off the edifices and often ignored standards and mores that the Left is perceived as flaunting is because those edifices, even hollowed out, serve an important role of limiting and shaping the Left’s reconstruction of society in such a way as to slow it down and provide a path back.

     Those hollowed out edifices are important because they are all the substantively remain because society at its root has already been fundamentally transformed. Those who want to “fight back” assume they are in a fundamentally stronger position than they are.

     If you want to fight back, slow down the advance of the Left with informed and considered actions… then undermine them as they have undermined us.

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