The Queen of Diamonds and the Fundamental Inversion of Base & Superstructure

     The Left does not work overtly. They do not fight openly or honestly. Through the Gramscian March, they’ve taken over institutions of power. Working with fellow-goers to slowly and fundamentally trans form the basis upon which America, and more broadly Western Civilization. Rather than directly change the outcome, what we experience and are familiar with, they change the basis of our assumptions such that what for some may seem like a crazy and radical change, is accepted because it is framed in such a way as to conform with the new cultural assumptions people have been fed slowly and incrementally over decades.

     In a way, people have become Manchurian Candidates. They seem like they would be in opposition to the craziness and new Progressive fundamentally transformed values, and will even often say they oppose the Left’s stances. However, once the change in fundamental values has percolated enough through society, the Left provided the right trigger, a “queen of diamonds” of some sort, and suddenly people fall in line with the new approved correct stances.

     This is more than mere cowardice or failing to stand up against a threat. It is the Progressive Left achieving victory before an overt change is proposed, and only making the overt change after victory is achieved. ‘Tis a Fabian approach. In effect, people who want to “punch back” do not realize that they are not punching back against aggression, but throwing a temper tantrum at the Left’s victory parade. In effect, they have made common sense uncommon, and the crazy the new normal.

     In effect, Cultural Marxists have inverted the position, or flow, of the Marxist concept of the “base and superstructure“:

“In Marxist theory, human society consists of two parts: the base (or substructure) and superstructure; the base comprises the forces and relations of production—employer–employee work conditions, the technical division of labour, and property relations—into which people enter to produce the necessities and amenities of life. These relations determine society’s other relationships and ideas, which are described as its superstructure. The superstructure of a society includes its culture, institutions, political power structures, roles, rituals, and state. The base determines (conditions) the superstructure, yet their relation is not strictly causal, because the superstructure often influences the base; the influence of the base, however, predominates. In Orthodox Marxism, the base determines the superstructure in a one-way relationship.”

     Cultural Marxists, then, sought to undermine the base by corrupting the “superstructure” on a cultural level and insulating it from shaping by the “base” which is relegated to mere maintenance to and enabling of the nouveau superstructure , while using the “superstructure” to shape the base over time and fundamentally transform, rather than maintain, the old “base”.

     They did this by delegitimizing the older and sane “base” whilst normalizing the nouveau values of the nouveau “superstructure”, co-opted over a century of the Gramscian March. And they used our venerable values against us.

     First, they appeal their desired policy, belief, or stance using values they wish to destroy, in order to normalize said policy, belief, or stance. Concomitantly, they attack those policies, beliefs, or stances via guilt by association with some aspect that is repugnant to those why wish to transform. A case in point: Normalization of abortion while delegitimizing the right to privacy.

     Of course, they would be too readily caught if they were to try this at the same time on the same subject. This is why they utilize intersectionality and critical theory to attack from disparate angles.

     They hide their fundamental transformation by using venerable values and mores to justify a position. Concurrently, they associate, falsely, inaccurate and perverted pantomimes of those venerable values and mores with actual and despicable things. Once they’ve normalized their new position, they justify their more honest reasons and values on the falsity that if the outcome of those reasons is good then their own reasons and values can but be good as well. With that accomplished, they are free to openly declare the venerable values and mores they appealed to are actually the inaccurate and perverted pantomimes they have inculcated unto the people―and often do so with the useful idiots and tools who unwittingly assist in this conflation.

     Thus, they have turned up into down, good into bad, and war into peace. This is now considered normal.

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