In Venezuela, A Cornered Animal

     Things are not going to well for Maduro’s regime in Venezuela, as the gyre continues to widen while fair-weather friends are fleeing from Maduro. Venezuela’s currency continues to devalue to worthlessness, and even Twitter seems to be turning on Maduro’s regime—when was the last time a major tech company turned on one of their beloved socialist utopias?

     But like a cornered animal, Maduro and his minions are lashing out, including denouncing Venezuela’s chief prosecutor for allegedly fermenting a coup, while concomitantly plotting to overthrow Venezuela’s constitution.

     The violence continues to spiral out of hand, with home-made mortar rockets being used by protesters who continue to suffer casualties. The targets of violence by the regime are not limited to the protesters, but also to the Venezuelan Congress itself.

     Any wonder, then, that protesters set fire to the Maduro controlled regime rubber stamp of a Venezuelan Supreme Court? Of course, it is not always clear what is true outrage and what is staged agit-prop used to justify Maduro’s tyranny.

     This will get worse before it gets better, assuming it ever does…

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