Venezuela’s Socialist Utopia: Chaos and a Coming Constitutional Coup

     The alleged socialist utopia that is Venezuela is facing chaos and protests. This was foreseen. It is now coming to pass. Perhaps, at this point, ‘twould be a blessing to face a Soviet-style collapse. Fate is likely to not be so kind.

     One would be forgiven for thinking that Maduro’s minions on the Venezuelan Supreme Court having backed down from dismissing of Venezuela’s elected legislature would have signaled a weakened in Maduro… or at least a willingness to compromise.

     The tanks in the streets plowing through innocent protestors, however, belies that notion.

     Maduro is now pushing a brand new coup by unilaterally trying to rewrite Venezuela’s constitution—a move that former allies such as Argentina and Brazil (who purged themselves of their own immediately prior totalitarian-minded Presidents) are denouncing.

     This is what all socialist utopias turn into. Some sooner rather than later.

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