Left Wing Cuck Squad and the Giant Spiders

     No, this isn’t some hipster version of a David Bowie album… it is the openly declared madness of the Portland AntiFa/Black Bloc rioters.

     In an ironic banner, the Black Bloc AntiFa rioters—most of whom are pasty White—openly asked:

“White People What Will We Do To Change Our Legacy Of Violence?”

     Um, perhaps not rioting like spoilt little thugs?

     Also, ordering around those giant black spiders like they were slaves would be an improvement as well.

     Whether they were being “ironic” or simply proud of being a laughing stalk (or perhaps, even, of being well trolled), one flag openly declared that they were the “Left Wing Cuck Squad“, complete with a unicorn as the center device on the flag’s badge!

     The use of the word “cuck” as a derogative is loathsome, but when they use if on themselves…

     Oh, Kendell Jenner, a lonely Portland turns its eyes towards you!

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