News of the Week (May 7th, 2017)


News of the Week for May 7th, 2017


Gun Rights


“The time has come to treat the Second Amendment as a real constitutional right”
From today’s Fisher v. Kealoha opinion from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit (and Judge Alex Kozinski’s separate opinion, though he also joined the panel opinion) — like many judicial opinions, it leaves much unresolved, but it flags an important question for the future: What sorts of procedures must the government offer for recovering Second Amendment rights that were lost as a result of a criminal conviction?


Hide the Decline

Environment &
“Green Energy”


Numbers don’t lie: Germany’s Energiewende has had zero impact on emissions – at best
As the US weighs whether it should withdraw from the Paris agreement, a critical question is how effective have climate change policies been so far. A failure of the policies adopted until now doesn’t necessarily mean that future policies will likewise fail, but it will provide further evidence that decarbonizing is, well, difficult. And expensive.

As Always Everywhere, “Green Energy” Is Killing New York’s Economy
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo appears to loathe actual energy. You know, oil, gas, coal, etc. The sources of energy that actually produce energy – cheaply and efficiently.

Dem Candidate Rob Quist Recommends Climate Change Skeptics Kill Themselves
Montana Democratic congressional candidate Rob Quist recommended that climate change skeptics kill themselves during a debate last weekend.

Australian Greens on a censorship crusade
Section 18C actually bans words that are “offensive,” whatever that means.

Senate Republicans: Great job on that AHCA, but we’re doing our own thing
Who’s up for bailing out the House over ObamaCare repeal? Not Senate Republicans, according to The Hill, who watched the American Health Care Act (AHCA) bill pass, on a 217-213 vote, with decidedly mixed feelings. Not only do they see the AHCA as a mess in its current condition, they don’t see many prospects for reorganizing it into a bill that can pass – or even qualify for reconciliation

Richard Branson: Bringing Back Coal Jobs a “Stupid” Idea
Billionaire Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, called President Trump’s campaign pledge to bring back coal jobs a “stupid” idea.

Trump urged not to #ClimExit Paris agreement
While EPA head continues to say “bad deal”, the First Daughter, an Alaskan senator, and British Prime Minister trying to #Remain.

Study: Antarctica’s ice sheet survived warmer times, remains stable today
Antarctic study shows central ice sheet is stable since milder times

Spaceweather protection bill passes the Senate
From the “a single Carrington event can ruin your whole day, er, life” department



Government in Healthcare


Jimmy Kimmel Tells the Heartbreaking Story of His Newborn’s Life-Threatening Heart Condition
Jimmy Kimmel opened his Monday night show with a tearful message about the heartbreaking saga his family just went through. His newborn son was born with a heart condition and needed to have emergency open heart surgery. An infant! He does inflect some politics into it, praising Obamacare, but this story transcends all that. His son made it through the surgery, and all any of us can say is “Thank God.”

ObamaCare replacement bill approved in House
House Republicans on Thursday narrowly approved a sweeping health care bill aimed at fulfilling their campaign promise to upend ObamaCare, after bringing out the legislative defibrillators to resuscitate a package that had flatlined on the floor not six weeks earlier.

California en route to becoming “Single Payer” State
Because being only a “Sanctuary State” just isn’t bad enough!


War & Terror


Russia’s New Arctic Military Bases
In April 2017, the Russian Government announced that it had completed its new military bases in the Arctic and had completed most of the work on restoring several military bases in the region which had been abandoned. Russia is demonstrating its military potential in the Arctic Region and has repaired and replaced former port and military installations along its Arctic coast and developed new air bases on islands in the Arctic Seas. Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu highlighted the creation of a new Russian military base on Franz Joseph Land which will allow 150 troops to live continuously on its grounds for at least a year.

The Legend of Ludgar the War Wolf, King of the Trebuchets
Edwards Longshanks’ master machine of death.

Critics of Army Secretary Pick’s Comments on LGBT, Islam Want Nomination Withdrawn
Democrats, Muslims and LGBTQ activists launched a campaign to #stopMarkGreen as soon as President Trump announced the Republican Tennessee state senator and physician was the White House’s choice to be secretary of the Army.

“Kill Frat Boys”: Anarchists Terrorize Texas College With Calls to “Make Their Lives Hell”
In the past week, vandals have repeatedly defaced property at the prestigious University of Texas-Austin, spray-painting a hammer and sickle symbol and words like “rapist,” “racist” and “kill frat boys” on at least four fraternity houses.

Bedouins Burn ISIS Fighter, Urge All Sinai Tribes to Kick Terrorists to Curb
A Bedouin tribe in the Sinai peninsula said it set an ISIS fighter ablaze as a response to a threat from the terror group, and called on all tribes to unite and battle the Islamic State together.

Bell’s New V-280 Valor Tiltrotor Helicopter Engineered With Stealth Properties
Bell Helicopters emerging V-280 Valor aims to engineer an advanced tiltrotor aircraft able to hit speeds of 280 knots, hover and maneuver like a next-generation helicopter — all while reducing the radar signature of the aircraft.




Cornell overturns rule giving women extra points for goals
Cornell’s Bias Assessment and Review Team stepped in earlier this year to overturn an intramural sports rule that awarded women more points for goals than men in co-ed matches.

Baltimore warns prosecutors to “think twice” before charging illegal immigrants
It almost pains me to bring this up on the same day that I finally found some good news out of Baltimore, but this has far more to do with the municipal management team than the cops on the beat. We’re once again veering back to the ongoing saga of so-called sanctuary cities figuring out ways to not cooperate with immigration officials in matters of law enforcement. One of the key sticking points for these liberal municipal leaders is that ICE is already deporting some illegals who are only guilty of “minor crimes.” Never ones to be short of outside the box thinking when tackling problems, the city’s State’s Attorney Office has come up with a real brainstorm. ICE won’t be able to pick them up if we don’t charge them with the crimes in the first place. Nope. this isn’t even a joke.

“I work 14 hours a day”: Woman finds a note from Chinese “prisoner” begging for help inside her Walmart purse
A woman believes she found a note from a Chinese prisoner in a new purse

“Science”: PC types upset Johns Hopkins won’t condemn alleged “anti-LGBT” profs
For daring to publish a study which argues “biology does not play a role in determining sexuality and gender identity,” and that “children who identify as a different gender will likely grow out of it,” a pair of Johns Hopkins professors have faced the wrath of fellow academics and social justice groups.

Student penalized for using word “man” on his essay
At the University of Florida, a student was recently penalized for writing “man” instead of “humankind” in a class paper.

Court Victory Spurs Union-Backed Legislation
It is no secret that most government employees enjoy far more generous salaries and benefits than the public who pay for those benefits. It is important for the voters to know if their elected officials are properly representing them in these negotiations.

New conservative news network in the works to challenge Fox from the right?
But … we’ve already got One America News.

“Student coup” at St. Olaf College: Students block buildings, classes shut down over racial unrest
Racial unrest has wracked St. Olaf College, a small campus in rural Minnesota, with students essentially taking over the campus with aggressive protests that forced administrators to cancel classes on Monday so demonstrators could air their grievances in a day-long sit in.

Baltimore prosecutors told to consider consequences for prosecuting illegal immigrants for minor crimes
The Baltimore State’s Attorney’s Office has instructed prosecutors to think twice before charging illegal immigrants with minor, non-violent crimes in response to stepped up immigration enforcement by the Trump administration.

Fox News co-president Bill Shine out; Suzanne Scott named president of programming
Co-president Bill Shine is out at Fox News, according to a memo to network employees from 21st Century Fox and Fox News Executive Chairman Rupert Murdoch.

Firefighter in surgery after being shot in Old East Dallas, gunman at large
Police are scouring an Old East Dallas neighborhood where a paramedic was shot Monday morning.

Conservatives prepare for Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement
Justice Neil Gorsuch has been on the bench for less than a month and conservatives are already preparing for the next Supreme Court confirmation fight. The only hitch: there’s no vacancy.

Police declare riot as protesters set fires in downtown Portland
Portland police announce 25 people were arrested.

Cruz, Rubio, Paul Team Up To Save Heritage Foundation Head
High-profile Republican senators, such as Ted Cruz of Texas, Marco Rubio of Florida, and Rand Paul of Kentucky, signed a letter today aimed at saving the job of Jim DeMint, current president of the Heritage Foundation.

Protester with U.S. flag disrupts start of Cuba’s annual May Day parade
A protester briefly disrupted the start of Cuba’s largest annual political event on Monday, sprinting in front of May Day marchers and brandishing a U.S. flag before he was dragged away.

Black Lives Matter Chicago flies students to Cuba for May Day
Black Lives Matter Chicago is flying a planeload of students to Cuba to participate in an International Solidarity Brigade for May Day.

Yet Another Poll Finds Millennials Incoherent About Basic American Rights
The press release for a new poll makes the welcome claim that “Vast, Silent Majority of Millennials Overwhelmingly Support Religious and Social Freedoms.” Alas, the results are more complicated.

Public university trains white students on their “white privilege”
Many universities continue to teach students – especially white students – that white privilege is a real and pressing problem that must be addressed to end racism.

High School assignment: “Prudence … has had sex with twenty-one men and three women …”
“Prudence is thirty-four. She has had sex with twenty-one men and three women,” according an assignment for high schoolers in Scotland County, Missouri.

Illegals to vote in San Francisco school board elections
San Francisco voters approved Proposition N last fall to allow illegal immigrants to vote in the city’s future school board elections, and some believe it’s a problem that could soon “metastasize” to other school districts.

FDA May Make Too Many Pizza Toppings a Crime
Jenny Craig can’t arrest you if you miscount your calories, but the federal government could if a new calorie-counting rule takes effect.

Home Caregivers Identify Evidence of Voter Fraud in Bid to Oust Union
An in-home caregiver named Edison is supposed to live in a unit on the seventh floor of the Cedars of Edina apartment complex, according to a list supplied by the state government.

Why Is The FBI Investigating Bernie Sanders’ Wife?
Claiming to only know what they see in news reports, the Sanders’ family and Senate staff is not talking about an apparent FBI investigation into Jane O’Meara Sanders – wife of U.S. Senator and 2016 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

DeMint resigns as Heritage president
The Heritage Foundation on Tuesday announced president Jim Demint’s resignation, blaming him for “significant and worsening management issues that led to a breakdown of internal communications and cooperation.”

Did Bill Nye Censor Himself Because Of Transgender Ideology?
Last week The Federalist reported on an illuminating segment from a mid-1990s episode of “Bill Nye the Science Guy” that clashes directly with modern transgender ideology. It appears that someone cut this segment from a re-release of the episode.

Can mass voter fraud be proved in California?
Voter fraud is a Rorschach test of American politics. If you are a liberal, you fervently believe that it is virtually non-existent, and any effort to prevent it must be a pretext. If you are a conservative, you believe that voter fraud is a reality and are probably suspicious that it sometimes swings elections.

School District Claims Alt-Left Organization Is Trying To Brainwash Students
The Rabbit Hole’s Getting Deep.

Satirical “social justice bake sale” broke the law, so it had to be shut down, university says
Student claims the administration libeled him

UC-Santa Cruz students take over admin building, demand white dorm be painted “pan-Afrikan” colors
A mob of social justice students commandeered the University of California, Santa Cruz’s administration building Tuesday to demand the school paint a dorm on campus in “Pan-Afrikan” colors, among other things.

Poll: Plurality of Democrats say campuses should not allow speakers whose words are thought “hateful” or “offensive” by some
Via WaPo, it’s worth noting that the question asked by Morning Consult here mentioned “universities,” not public universities specifically. The latter implicates the First Amendment, the former doesn’t (or rather, doesn’t always). But there’s value to the broader wording: What they’re testing is people’s moral commitment to tolerating “hate speech,” stripped of any legal niceties that might influence their opinion.

Student gov to pursue mandatory LGBT “ally training” for faculty
The newly-elected student government President and Vice President at Clemson University are already ruffling feathers with a proposal to institute mandatory LGBTQ “ally training” for faculty and staff.

Class focused on great Greco-Roman books may be changed after students complain it’s too white
At Reed College, a mandatory freshman literature course focused on the works of great thinkers underpinning Western Civilization has come under fire from campus activists, who allege the mandate is systemically racist because the class only assigns the works of white authors and therefore perpetuates white privilege and racism.

LA City Council votes to support Trump impeachment investigation
The Los Angeles City Council passed a resolution Friday stating that President Donald Trump should be investigated for any high crime or misdemeanor sufficient to warrant impeachment proceedings.

Hacked records show Bradley Foundation taking its conservative Wisconsin model national
Long a player on the national stage, the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation in Milwaukee has been quietly using its vast resources to construct state-by-state networks of activist groups to win support for its conservative agenda from coast to coast.

Officials Boot Parents Off Delta Flight, Threaten To Put Infants In Foster Care
Parents in California were almost imprisoned when they boarded their plane in April, after officials threatened to charge them with federal offenses and place their two infants in foster care.

Cindy McCain likely to get senior State Department role
A Trump administration official says the wife of Arizona Sen. John McCain is likely to take on a prominent State Department role.

Tennessee woman beats home invasion suspect with baseball bat
A home invasion went horribly wrong for a man who tried to rob a woman. Police say the diminutive 52-year-old woman who lives there grabbed a bat and started hitting him in the face.

Hillary Clinton to launch political group as soon as next week
Six months after losing the presidential election, Hillary Clinton is ready to wade back into politics.

AI can now predict SCOTUS decisions… and tell you what to wear
Since we’re apparently going to simply ignore the warnings of everyone from Stephen Hawking to the writers of the Terminator films and just embrace the advent of Artificial Intelligence, why not jump into it whole hog?

Dartmouth’s idea of “Broadening the Ranks”
Dartmouth College sends to alumni a publication called “Dartmouth Life.” The current issue introduces the teachers-scholars who joined the faculty this academic year. The article is called “New Faculty Broaden the Ranks.”

Judge: Catholic University Can Fire Tenured Prof For Defending Student Who Stood For Catholic Teachings
Professor John McAdams, a tenured professor at Marquette University, was fired after he wrote a blog post defending a student’s right to have a personal opinion.

“Feminist Baby” Is a Board Book That’s Supposed to Teach Feminism to Babies. Seriously.
If you’ve been perusing the shelves at your local children’s bookstore lately, or perhaps browsing through board book titles on Amazon, you may have come across a little gem called Feminist Baby. Yes, you read that right. Feminist Baby. It’s a new book by Loryn Brantz, a cartoonist and former designer for Sesame Street. And it’s meant to teach infants about feminism.

Gov. Scott Walker confronted by Democrat over Obamacare repeal
Friday, Governor Scott Walker visited Appleton, Wisconsin at the request of the city’s mayor to help promote tourism. While there, he was confronted by a former Democratic member of the Wisconsin State Assembly (and current county executive) Tom Nelson. Nelson attempted to hijack the governor’s appearance and create a scene over the GOP’s Obamacare repeal bill. Rather then pretend Nelson’s questions were in good faith, Gov. Walker replied, “If you want to have a press conference, go ahead.”

New poll shows Handel leading Ossoff in tight Georgia race
In the first round of voting in the Georgia Sixth congressional race, Jon Ossoff, boy Democrat, declared that he had won a “victory for the ages.” In reality, he had captured around 48 percent of the vote, short of what he needed for actual victory.

North Carolina House Passes Bill Protecting Drivers Who Hit Protesters Blocking Traffic
“This bill does not allow for the driver of a vehicle to target protesters intentionally”


Economy & Taxes


Trump Weighs Breaking Up Wall Street Banks, Raising Gas Tax
President Donald Trump said he’s actively considering a breakup of giant Wall Street banks, giving a push to efforts to revive a Depression-era law separating consumer and investment banking.

ECON 101 Comes to Connecticut: Taxing the Rich Doesn’t Work
“The reality is that in Connecticut we get most of our money from very few people.”

Rand Paul Burns Down The GOP’s Proposed Government Spending Bill
Somebody get Republican lawmakers some aloe for that sweet burn.

California seeks to tax rocket launches, which are already taxed
The tax will be based upon “mileage” traveled by that spacecraft from California.

Taxpayers fund pregnant anal-rape artwork in anti-Trump university exhibit
There are many ways to depict the effect of the Dakota Access Pipeline, approved earlier this year by the Trump administration, on American Indian communities in its path.

A Cautionary Tale From Texas About How Cities Hide Debt And Deflate The Economy
Politicians can make promises without having to worry about transparency or its consequences, like honesty and effectiveness. Thus, America is drowning in state and local debt.

What will we do with a drunken sailor?: “Put him in a long boat till he’s sober”
Riddle: What is the difference between the Nevada Legislature and a drunken sailor? Answer: Eventually the drunken sailor sobers up.




Socialist-Run Venezuela Descends Into Chaos
Massive anti-government protests reach a tipping point.

Exclusive, “It Was An Invasion”: How Hungary Managed To Erase Illegal Immigration In Just A Few Months
When other countries welcomed refugees with open arms, Hungary decided it was time to eradicate illegal immigration at any cost.

Students protest “centrality of whiteness” at Macalester
A Macalester College student organization referring to itself as “Stop White Noise” recently held a moment of silence to protest “the centrality of whiteness and Eurocentrism on campus.”

In Venezuela, even the “chavistas” are turning on President Maduro
If you want to know how Venezuela went from one of the richest nations in South America to a basket case of 4-digit inflation, the answer is “chavistas.” Chavistas are the people who voted for former President Hugo Chavez on the promise that the government would provide for them. That worked for a while, so long as oil prices were sky high, but once global oil prices dropped the government’s ability to pay also collapsed. Now the Washington Post reports even the chavistas have had enough of the country’s socialist rulers.

Schools promote “feminist guide” with lessons on “white male privilege”
The Victorian government in Australia spent $21 million to promote “Respectful Relationships” in schools, including a “feminist guide” for lessons about “white male privilege.”

Vietnam after Black April: Liberation or Exploitation?
Black April, April 30, 1975 marks the end of the longest military conflict in the 20th Century for Vietnam. While the Vietnam War might have ended then, the people of Vietnam still do not enjoy peace and freedom in their own country. Even though many nations around the world have normalized diplomatic relations with Vietnam, as the U.S. has done so in 1995, the Hanoi Regime has not chosen to normalize relations with its own citizens.

Is South Africa heading for civil war? The country is lurching ever closer to conflict as its volatile Zulu president vows to seize land from whites – while Afrikaner fighters train in the bush
Zuma’s decadence and defiance at his party earlier this month – which cost £1m to stage – comes as South Africa lurches ever closer towards the abyss

The EU just wrecked their chance of getting a “divorce settlement”
How can Theresa May respond to such an unreasonable demand, other than to vociferously refuse to pay it?

Venezuela plan to rewrite constitution branded a coup by former regional allies
As Venezuelans take to the streets, Argentina says calling of constituent assembly “poured petrol on the fire” while Brazil denounces a “break with democracy”

“Everything is in chaos”: night of violence reveals depths of Venezuela crisis
In the working-class neighbourhood of La Valle, Venezuelans are angry and afraid, and hostility towards Nicolas Maduro’s government runs high

Playboy model angers Maori community with nude shoot on sacred New Zealand volcano
model who hiked up a volcano in New Zealand and then stripped and posted a photograph of herself naked on social media has angered the local Maori community who say she “disrespected” the mountain.

Venezuela Is Heading for a Soviet-Style Collapse
A few lessons from the last time an oil economy crashed catastrophically.

“I consider myself trans-species”
Fantasy fan transforms himself into an ELF with £25,000 of plastic surgery including full body hair removal, skin bleaching and eye colouring

Former Australian Labour Party leader has been “red pilled”
On last night’s show I interviewed Mark Latham, the former leader of the Australian Labour Party. He’s been what the kids would call “red pilled”

Muhammed and Amelia are now the most-popular boys’ and girls’ names in London reveals new survey of parental picks
Muhammed was most popular in diverse London and second overall across UK

Marine Le Pen debate: “France will be led by a woman, either me or Angela Merkel!”
Le Pen, Macron clash in the final debate before Sunday’s run-off

Venezuelan tanks plow through crowds as 2-month protest continues
Dramatic video shot by citizens on the ground show tanks marked “GNB” (the Venezuelan National Guard), with their roofs on fire, plowing through a crowd of protesters in the Venezuelan capital Caracas.

UKIP is a “gateway drug” – but more are going straight for the hard stuff
2015 UKIP voters shaped that year’s election and are set to play a major role this this year’s campaign. But while some former Labour and Lib Dem supporters have used the party as a “gateway drug” to back the Conservatives, be wary of overstating its significance – many more have jumped straight to the Tories.

Last night was a Tory landslide – 8 June could be even worse for Labour
Conservative triumph in the local elections came from a turnout of just 30%. When people less politically engaged vote the advantage might be even greater

Socialism, the 21st Century Diet Plan
The limits of human endurance are now being tested in Venezuela. The Wall Street Journal reports: “Venezuela is starving.”

#MacronLeaks Reveal Secret Islamization Plans
Just one day before the French election, a massive pile of documents were released about the establishment candidate Emmanuel Macron.




Jeff Sessions Is Right About New York
The city does have a problem with gang murder, and its sanctuary policy will make it worse.

Starbucks “Unicorn” Drinks Violate the 8th Amendment
No, I’m not joking — forget the fact that I know the 8th amendment, which prohibits cruel and unusual punishment, only applies to the federal government, but that’s beside the point – A horse-y drink of any color is a pain in the a–hem…

Starbucks “Unicorn” Drinks Violate the 8th Amendment
No, I’m not joking — forget the fact that I know the 8th amendment, which prohibits cruel and unusual punishment, only applies to the federal government, but that’s beside the point – A horse-y drink of any color is a pain in the a–hem…

Net Neutrality: Venezuela for the Internet
One of so many walking undead issues that shamble on in Washington, D.C. is the ridiculous government Internet overreach known as Network Neutrality.

Why Liberal Utopia Cannot Be Achieved Until Cheering Is Banned
Maximum inclusiveness will not be achieved until we have banned absolutely everything, because everything excludes someone. For example, cheering excludes deaf people.

The Arrogance of Blue America
If you want to see the worst impacts of blue policies, go to those red regions—like upstate New York or inland California—in states they control.

Trumpsplaining the Civil War
Pundits are pearl-clutching over the president’s recent ruminations about the Civil War, transcribed here in the Washington Post, in which he suggests (in his typically disjointed manner) that if Andrew Jackson were President in the run-up to the secession crisis, the breakout of war might have been avoided. This is supposedly evidence that Trump is historically illiterate, or even that he sympathizes with the Confederacy.

Postmodernism’s House Of Cards
This puts the postmoderns in a tough spot.

So #Woke It’s Stupid: New York Times and Entertainment Weekly Film Reviewer Blasts “Murder on the Orient Express” Remake For Not Featuring Any… Asians
In case you’re one of the few people who haven’t seen any of the many high-profile movies, or read any of the popular books, about the Orient Express (Murder on the Orient Express, From Russia with Love being two major ones), you should know that “Orient” in “Orient Express” refers to what we’d now call the very near Near East, specifically Turkey. The line ran from Calais, France, through Paris and Vienna and Budapest and Zagreb to end at Constantinople.

A look at the “Bill Nye” quadrant of scientific research!
He blinded me with nonsense.

What Comes Next After The Heritage Foundation Coup?
The problem for Heritage now is the need to find a new leader. Does anyone know what Bobby Jindal is up to these days?

Can gender-fluid non-binary poetry slams help Democrats take back the Rust Belt?
To cleanse the palate, a double-barreled goof from the Onion that’s circulating today on social media. Superficially it’s a dig at working-class Trump voters for being so achingly un-woke but the more trenchant satire is aimed at the modern left’s political hobbyhorses. Surely reconquering Pennsylvania requires awakening steelworkers to their cishet privilege, or does it?

No, The American Founders Were Not Libertarians
A closer look at the Founders’ thought about government shows their political philosophy that culminated in the Constitution was anything but libertarian.

You’re Missing The Point If You Think “Rick and Morty” Is Just Another Depressing Show
Rather than co-opting the nihilism of this age, “Rick and Morty” cleverly disguises its rather potent criticism of our philosophy by cloaking itself in the veneer of absurdism.

Parents, Talk To Your Kids About Sex Before Schools Do
You may think you have time because your children haven’t asked about sex yet. But you’re wrong. Your kids are asking questions—they’re just not asking you.

The Dangers of Empathy Share
It can distract us from rational thought and meaningful compassion.

If I Really Wanted To Kill All the Sick People
This is the lefts current claim about AHCA: Republicans just want to kill all the sick people.

Potemkin universities
College campuses still appear superficially to be quiet, well-landscaped refuges from the bustle of real life.

Segregation-It’s Bad and It’s Back!
On December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat in the whites-only section of a Montgomery, Alabama, bus and take her assigned place in what was then called the “colored” section. For that highly courageous and moral action Ms. Parks has been justly celebrated ever since as “the first lady of civil rights,” a true heroine for fighting the despicable evil of segregation.

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