How To Solve Britain’s Bladed Weapon Epidemic


“Shocking figures reveal there’s a machete attack every 90 minutes in Britain.

“It’s emerged that in the last 2 months of 2017, police dealt with 928 crimes involving a machete – that’s an average of 15 a day, or 1 every 90 minutes.

“London was the worst affected – 425 of the attacks happened in the capital, 99 in Greater Manchester, 77 in the West Midlands and 29 in both Merseyside and West Yorkshire.

“It marks a steep increase from just 3 years ago when there were 100 machete attacks a month.”


“Police said a woman shot a man who allegedly threatened her with a hatchet outside of a store on Tucson’s south side Friday night.

“The Tucson Police Department said officers responded to the area of south 6th Avenue and east Pennsylvania Drive around 8:40 p.m. for a report of a shooting. Police arrived at the scene and located a man on the ground with an obvious gunshot wound, TPD said.”

     Because a firearm isn’t currently legally available, such as for law-abiding subjects of the U.K.…

     cc: Mayor of London.

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3 Responses to How To Solve Britain’s Bladed Weapon Epidemic

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  2. avatar Bill says:

    if they’d come for my home, they’d be greeted by my old roman friend. In confined spaces absolutely deadly.

  3. avatar Bill says:

    on a more rational base. In modern states people have given the duty and right of defense to the state as the state’s organs will be much less emotionally involved and better trained.
    As a result violence decreased and in the end a “Bobby” just needed to raise his voice to pacify most evildoers.
    But with the massive influx from states with a very violent society the newcomers have no such respect, regard this situation as a sign of weakness and rob, kill and rape as they please.
    And when the police proves to be unable to cope with that new conditions people will reclaim their right to defend their life and property,
    Unfortunately the police and the politicians (will) see this as an infringement to their rights.
    This leave many whites in non-white neighbourhoods between a rock and a hard place.