An Intellectual Monoculture Dedicated Above All to Identity Politics

Bowdoin: A Case Study of The Failure of Higher Education

     A recent address given by Barry Mills, the President of Bowdoin (a small liberal arts college).  Therein he addresses an encounter with a fellow golfer who was critical of the leftist dominance at small liberal arts colleges such as Bowdoin:

“In his address, President Mills described the golf outing and said he had been interrupted in the middle of a swing by a fellow golfer’s announcement: ‘I would never support Bowdoin—you are a ridiculous liberal school that brings all the wrong students to campus for all the wrong reasons,’ said the other golfer, in Mr. Mills’s telling. During Mr. Mills’s next swing, he recalled, the man blasted Bowdoin’s ‘misplaced and misguided diversity efforts.’ At the end of the round, the college president told the students, ‘I walked off the course in despair.'”

     In effect, Bowdoin was “an intellectual monoculture dedicated above all to identity politics.”

     It turns out that this nefarious interrupting golfer was Thomas D. Klingenstein, who corrected Mills’ rather unflattering, and insinuating descripton.

     Mr. Klingenstein did not stop at simply correcting Mills’ statement and Mills’ view of Bowdoin; he commissioned a full report to describe just how out-of-touch and rabidly leftist Bowdoin is, and undoubtedly other liberal arts colleges are.

     The full report can be read below:

What Does Bowdoin Teach by ThePoliticalHat

     Bowdoin has responded to this report, though the exchange between Pres. Mills and a Professor is illuminating.

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