Hungary Poised to Reject Transgenderism

     The European Union is all in on transgendersim and is willing to redefine words to a degree that Ingsoc would never dare. That transgenderism is, at best, an exercise in sympathetic magic or an exercise in pseudo-Lysenkoism, has not stopped the relentless drive to redefine words to try to deny reality.

When it comes to push-back there is both good and bad news. The good news is that an EU country has seen legislation introduced that makes it clear that “gender” refers to one’s immutable biological sex. The bad news is that it was introduced in Hungary, where Prime Minister Vicktor Orban has been ruling with populist authoritarianism.

“The Hungarian government looks likely to push through legislation that would end the legal recognition of transgender people by defining gender as ‘biological sex based on primary sex characteristics and chromosomes,’ therefore making it impossible for people to legally change their gender.”

     It is unfortunate that such obvious truth and sensibility will be tarnished by association with Orban, as it will encourage otherwise sensible people in Europe to dismiss this without bothering to even think about it.

     Yet still, an open declaration has been made, to let we the sensible prepare for what will either bring lies and tyranny, or a rectification of names.

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