The War of Words

     If we don’t have words to describe certain ideas and concepts—or words conducive thereto—it becomes difficult to come up with said ideas, or if one nonetheless has such ideas, it becomes difficult, if not impossible to communicate those ideas to others, let alone get others to understand.

     This is why those who come by and insist on definitions and terminology that seems odd and wacky, is actually the cutting edge of totalitarian mind warping, with the goal of creating a “rainbow-painted dystopia”.

     This is one of the reasons the “academic” definition of man, woman, straight, gay, and lesbian are so totalitarian in nature: They deny the biological reality of biological sex. By ascribing the words man and woman to “gender identities” rather than biological sex, as well as defining sexuality in terms of attraction to a “gender identity” rather than to one sex (or both), they wish to deny people the very idea of biological sex by making it hard to describe what most people are and are attracted to, and thus at the very least make that seem weird. By insisting that biological sex is a spectrum, and having both males and females being described as either men or as women, the very concept of biological sex becomes alien to people’s thoughts.

     Thus, a “man attracted to a woman” begins to mean a person with a male gender identity is attracted to a person with a female gender identity—regardless of each others sex; by making it easy to communicate this idea, it becomes normalize. In contrast, a man, who knows he’s a man, who wants to communicate that he likes women who know they are women can only be described as a “person on the masculine side of the sex spectrum possessing a penis and testicles who has a male gender identity” who says “I like persons on the feminine side of the sex spectrum possessing a vagina and uterus who has a female gender identity”, resulting in the speaker coming across as some type of weirdo with a rare fetish, rather than someone who has the same attraction as the vast majority of biological males, and women when the roles are reversed.

     Though this Orwellian control of words and meanings would result in any semblance of sanity being seen as a buggy-whip of reason, the attempt to mess with the natural and normal inclination of human beings to engage in reproductive acts will, sooner or later, result in a “rectification of names”.

     And it will not be pretty when it does happen.

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