The Sympathetic Magic of Australia

     Throughout most of Australia, Australians can magically change their sex or have no sex at all, at least according to laws which have been passed in four of Australia’s as well as their Capital Territory and Northern Territory.

The Registrar will still register the sex of a person at birth as either male or female. However:

– Parents will be allowed to choose whether that sex is registered in their child’s birth certificate

– People aged 16 and older will be able to change their sex by making a declaration.

– Sexual reassignment surgery will not be required.

– People under 18 must have had counselling that supports the declarations

– People are prevented from using former identity documents to ‘deceive’

– People who are not legally female can terminate a pregnancy

– People subject to strip searches can request the gender of the person carrying out the search

     And yes, they don’t mean “gender”, but one’s sex (which the link above treats as synonyms, same as the vast majority of English speaking people).

     The Left has gotten away with pushing for transgenderism by declaring it to be separate and distinct from biological sex, and then take advantage of the fact the most people know the word “gender” as being just a synonym for one’s biological sex to then erase that distinction and declare biology to be biologically irrelevant in an attempt to ignore the fundamental truth that we are a sexually dimorphic species with physical and actual physiological differences both explicit and statistically relevant.

     This isn’t science or even based in reality. It is a form of sympathetic magic whereby one changes their biological sex by taking on the superficial appearance and appellation of the opposite sex, and having everyone chant the magic pronouns lest one person use the wrong pronouns and break the spell, thus “erasing” the person qua a transgender person.

     A little mood music:

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