The Transgender Agenda

     How is the Left pushing, and pushing successfully, their transgender agenda, and why are they pushing it?

     It isn’t actually about sexuality or perversion at all; it’s about remolding society to extinguish any distinction between male and female.

     By disassociating the male “gender” from the male sex (and the female “gender” from the female sex), then any traits that tend to dominate or be explicitly present in any particular sex will no longer be distinctive because both “men” and “women” can have traits of either biological sex.

     By emphasizing this new concept of “gender” and relegating biological sex to some mere superficiality, people cease to recognize differences in the actual biological sexes and rather see both male gendered and female gendered as co-equal spectrums, thus achieving the Left’s vaunted goal of “equality”.

     Thus, by eliminating the concept of differences between men and women as biological creatures, the perception of different sexes meaning anything allegedly goes away, and according to Leftist thought, perception will shape reality.

     Is this, then, about supporting “perversion”?

     Actually, no. That isn’t their goal. That is just a tool against the current society.

     Back in the late ’60’s and early ’70’s, West German Marxists wanted to reshape society into a communist paradise. They did this by trying to eliminate the idea of individuality and replace it with the concept that everything belongs to everyone else. To do this, they treated children as tabula rasa and raised them to be communal beings.

     Ah, but the root of the self is one’s own body, especially when it comes to sexuality. Thus, these Marxists pushed free-love and sexuality between people as normal… in Marxist kindergartens. Some of the accounts are truly terrifying.

     But this wasn’t done to sexualize children, but to de-sexualize sex. It was simply a tool to achieve a utopia, not an end in and of itself.

     Reading the article, it becomes clear that while this program attracted pedophiles, the most ardent supporters were not pedophiles, but rather dyed-in-the-wool Marxists who saw this as a necessary means to a greater goal.

     “Transgenderism” is similar: It is being pushed because it is convenient to do so, and like pedophilia, it can and will become verboten again after it is no longer useful.

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