Humpty Dumpty Goes Trans

     Once upon a time, the word “gender” just meant “biological sex”.  Then, looney tunes such as John Money had the bizarre idea that gender is just a “social construct”.  However, because the obvious truth between a person’s legs could not be denied, the idea that “gender” and “biological sex” became two different things.

     However, now that biological sex is itself being declared a social construct, the definitional distinction between “gender” and “biological sex”  is no longer useful.  Now, it would seem, those two terms will once again mean the same things, and that same thing is one of those “social constructs.”

     Of course, there is nothing like a bit of ret-conning history so as to make the creation of the distinction between “gender” and “biological sex” as an insidious plot:

     According to these Social Justice Warriors, gender/biological sex was always a social construct, if it existed at all, until some evil Kyriarch came along and tried to create an artificial distraction between “cis” and “trans” people…

     “Gender” and “Biological Sex” mean either different things or the same thing, all depending on what the Social Justice Warriors want it to be, for they are the modern-day Humpty Dumpties of the world…

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