Double Standard For Bodily Autonomy

     Adults, ages 18—20, are not considered mature enough to control their bodies when it comes to tobacco or alcohol, or to defend the same via firearms. The argument goes that even though we trust these pseudo-adults with the right to vote, their their brains are “still developing” and a beer or fine cigar would irreparably affect their life, which they are not mature enough to understand.

     In contrast, toddlers are now declared to have perfectly developed brains capable to intrinsically knowing their “gender identity” and to consent to hormone blockers, other drugs, and even permanently alter their genitalia. Yet this hypocritical double standard only underscores that beneath this double standard is a single standard that those pushing both these contradictory views hold: Denormalize, dissuade, make difficult, restrict, and even outright ban if possible things they don’t like (or at least pretend to) while normalizing, encouraging, making easy, subsidize, and even mandate the things that they do like. And there is no better target than an impressionable child.

     But where is the pushback against not only allowing, but encouraging and shielding from critical voices a child who is tricked into declaring themselves transgender? Oh, there are measures that have been introduced, but it shows just how much society has been fundamentally transformed with the fundamental precepts reconfigured, if not outright replaced, to make transgenderism a default position, when not even a state like North Dakota could pass a bill to stop these surgeries and “treatments” to little kids without parental permission.

“Legislation aimed at stopping South Dakota physicians from providing puberty blockers and gender confirmation surgery to transgender children under 16 failed to get enough support Monday in a Senate committee.

“A Republican-dominated Senate committee voted 5-2 to kill the proposal, likely ensuring the issue won’t be considered by the Legislature again this year.

“Proponents already had amended the bill to get rid of criminal charges for doctors who provide gender confirmation treatments, including puberty blockers, hormone therapy and surgery. But it would have allowed children to sue if they later regretted the treatments.”

     Some may argue that this is about bodily autonomy, though those who would oppose such a bill as was proposed in North Dakota are unlikely to believe that a toddler has a right to smoke cigarettes and drink vodka. By either fear or hypocrisy, children continue to be at the mercy of monsters.

“While I appreciate and applaud examples of small-government conservatism and restraint in the private affairs of citizens, that hardly seems to be the case here. States regularly pass laws regulating medical treatment and practices and their vested interest in keeping children who may have fallen under destructive influences should have made this a doubly compelling argument in favor of passage.

“This is particularly true in the rapidly growing number of cases we’ve been seeing of rapid onset or socialized gender dysphoria, where children are likely being influenced by their peers or even their parents into thought patterns that never would have cropped up otherwise. This is turning into a tragic epidemic that’s being spread on social media and liberal news sites.

“The fundamental rule in medical science is First Do No Harm. How people are finding doctors willing to inject unnatural hormones into otherwise physically healthy children, block the natural onset of puberty or even mutilate them through irreversible surgery is a mystery. There is clearly room for government oversight of and restrictions on these practices. The fact that the majority in South Dakota couldn’t find a path through this minefield is beyond depressing.”

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