Leviathan Is Coming To Transgender Your Children

     The pushing to normalize “transgenderism” inevitably has focused on young children, particularly those who have more than the usual emotional travails, in order to mainstream the idea of “gender” as something separate and distinct from biological sex, since grown adults are unlikely to become “transgender” save for those who have gender dysphoria or are using it as an excuse to get their kink on.

     While the vanguard of cases have involved woke parents who provided the validation and specialness that children desperately seek, this already rapid pace is not large enough or fast enough for those who wish to trans the eschaton. Now, we have entered the phase of Leviathan affirming ownership of troubled moppets, and further over all children, by demanding that “transgender” children have their puberty blocked by drugs even if the parents say NO.

“The formal argument runs as follows:

  1. The state has a duty to protect minors from serious harm inflicted by their caretakers.
  2. Harm that leads to suicide is a serious harm.
  3. Transgender youth with non-supportive parents are at a high risk of psychological harm leading to suicidal tendencies.
  4. Therefore, the state should pay special attention to, and has a duty to protect, transgender minors from psychological harm inflicted via their caretakers.”

     This isn’t just some hypothetical, but something that is happening right now. Such is a case from British Columbia, that has declared that a fourteen year old can have hormone injections to transition from a girl to a “boy”, without even informing both parents. Not only is a parent not allowed to interfere, they are required by law to validate and endorse this “transition” by making it illegal for said parent to refer to their daughter by her actual biological sex.

     Refusal to reject objective biological reality and thus acknowledge untruth by calling a girl a boy to be sacrosanct fact is considered “violence“. A refusal to vocally lie is considered a heinous act of violence despite the total lack of actual violence.

“This Canadian court ruling officially declared dissent on transgender identity not only illegal but ‘family violence.’ If transgender activists succeed in the U.S., as it seems they have in Canada, using the correct pronouns for your own daughter could land you in jail.”

     This isn’t just happening in Canada, but in the United State of America as well. Nor is this spontaneous, but the result of transgender activists with actual institutional privilege coaching judges to sever parental rights of those parents who do not consent to the biochemical sabotage of a child’s natural and normal healthy development through puberty. Frighteningly, this is being used by parents who care not for their own child in divorce and other custody related cases to sever a child from their other parent, and is a dangerous method of using one’s child as a useful tool to punish an ex-spouse or partner.

     But this wouldn’t affect good married parents who want to raise their children in a healthy and sane environment, right?


“[Ohio] Hamilton County Judge Sylvia Hendon […] to remove a minor girl from her parents’ custody, and place her with her grandparents so that Cincinnati Children’s Hospital can administer ‘sex-change’ drugs.

“Hendon awarded full custody to the girl’s maternal grandparents earlier this month after her parents did not agree to ‘transition’ treatment because they do not feel it is in her best interest.

“‘What we saw happen in Hamilton County court just two weeks ago was Judge Sylvia Hendon remove the child from parents’ custody solely because the parents would not consent to giving that child dangerous and untested gender-suppressing, gender-manipulating, hormone-manipulating drugs,’ said Aaron Baer, president of Citizens for Community Values. ‘Never before in American history has this happened that we know of.'”

     What makes this egregious is that the child was about to turn 18, when the parents would not have any say over their child. It is as if this decision was made in order to make an example out of the parents refusal to consent to having their flesh and blood jacked up on hormones.

     In order to dissuade other from daring to oppose Leviathan’s transgendering of their children, examples must be made.

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