The Origin of Transgender Medicine

     While many find it fun to point out the absurdity of the entire “transgender” thing, this “pwning” of the “libs” is predicated on the assumption that it remains purely fringe and that simply by pointing out that it looks absurd is all that is needed for the great masses to rise up in unison against it.

     This ignores that “transgender medicine” is yet another case of þe olde Gramscian march through the institutions that has been going on for the better part of a century. From this the fundamental precepts of society have been eaten away, and much as with same-sex “marriage”, people have become primed to accept it once opposition to it is denormalized.

     In order to counter all this, it is important to understand how it came to be in the first place. A pediatric endocrinologist goes over some of the history of how all this got started, and how it got so big:

     Understand the enemy if you want to defeat them.

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