Has Euthanasia Gone So Far That Even The Belgians Are Shocked?

     How kill-happy do you have to be when the already kill-happy Belgian medical establishment is so shocked that you are brought up on criminal charges for participating in the killing of your patients?

     This kill-happy:

“Three doctors from East Flanders are being investigated on suspicion of having ‘poisoned’ Tine Nys in 2010. The 38-year-old had been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, a mild form of autism, two months before she was euthanized by a doctor in an apparently legal killing that she had asked for.

“Belgium is one of two countries, along with the Netherlands, where the euthanasia of people for psychiatric reasons is allowed if they can prove they have “unbearable and untreatable” suffering. Among Belgians euthanized for mental health reasons, the most common conditions are depression, personality disorder and Asperger’s.”

Death, Rx

     This was nakedly not “medical” but kill-happy doctors and a suicidal patient gaming the system:

“Sophie Nys [the euthanized Tine Nys] says that [the pro-euthanasia] Thienpont diagnosed Tine with Asperger’s and approved her euthanasia request after two or three sessions with Thienpont. Because Asperger’s is ‘incurable and chronic,’ it meets one of the legal requirements for euthanasia. Sophie said her sister was so intent on being euthanized she might have manipulated the test.”

     It turns out that this doctor is responsible for killing off one in three patients euthanized for mental health related reasons in all of Belgium.

     …and people still wonder how easy it was for the Germans to commit the Holocaust.

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