The Transgendering of Leviathan’s Children

     It is an established tenet of the broader Left that you do not have children—the state does. Your only “right” it to raise Leviathan‘s children as Leviathan directs. Particularly with subsidized school lunches, state directed education, welfare on behalf of minors, the role of the parent is to be a babysitter.

     This is especially true when it comes to pseudo-medicine and making sure that the children learn to behave the “correct” way. At ever younger ages children are being taught the best ways to enjoy sex, to explore same-sex play, to identify as the opposite sex—all while keeping those pesky “parents” out of Leviathan’s business with Leviathan’s children. Why, the state even helps guide the sexual independence of minors by counseling them about getting abortions and facilitating the same! Now, we have a blatant case from Canada where a school not only councils students to become transgender, but to actually participate in this abusive farce to the point of driving the girl to contemplating suicide!

“A legal group is speaking out after learning that a school facilitated an 11-year-old girl’s ‘gender transition’ behind her family’s back, and only informed them when she had become suicidal.

“The girl told her teachers at age 11 she wanted to be a boy but didn’t want her parents to know. She became suicidal after a year of living a double life as a boy at school and a girl at home.

“Only when she told her guidance counsellor she was depressed and wanted to kill herself did the school inform her parents, says lawyer John Carpay, director of the Calgary-based Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF).

“The parents knew their daughter, who is moderately autistic, was struggling, but had no idea the school was facilitating her ‘transition’ to a ‘boy,’ Carpay said.”

     It is not surprising to learn that the girl in question had autism. Children with autism can often struggle with who they are and more so with identifying as someone who can get along with others, who can be so unfathomable to them. This is especially true of the less common cases where girls have autism. This makes them perfect targets for manipulation and even bodily mutilation and hormonal manipulation.

     That such persistence of a child’s fancy for being the opposite sex is atypical only compounds the damage of schools intentionally pushing children towards such fantasies.

     O brave new world…

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