Generous Government to Include Parents in Raising of Children

     The Federal government has been kind enough to let you help raise your own kids… and by “your own” I mean the state’s:

“In a draft policy statement jointly issued by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the U.S. Department of Education, federal bureaucrats have — on their own initiative — subordinated parents to a secondary role in the rearing of their children. While the draft is neither finalized nor binding (yet), it serves as a clear shot across the bow of every freedom-loving parent who naively believes that his parenting principles, priorities and practices will be protected and respected by government.

“The entire purpose of the 18-page statement is to explain, promote and bureaucratically implement what the departments call ‘family engagement.’ This term sounds like something every good parent would inherently want, but here’s how the government defines it: ‘the systematic inclusion of families as partners in children’s development, learning and wellness.’

“That’s right: the government is going to include you, the parent, as a partner in rearing your child. Are we supposed to thank it for this privilege?”

     Par for the course for the ever expanding Leviathan.  Leftist commentators have been increasingly open in this view, and even government officials are openly agreeing about the primacy of the state in parenting, something which has already come to fruition in Scotland.

     But this is not just about replacing parents, but of making everyone the de facto child of the parent, Leviathan.

“The thinking behind this legal doctrine is evident in the federal government’s desire to regulate and manage parenting practices. The policy statement in question refers to the importance of Parent Training Information Centers and calls on schools to ‘conduct periodic home visits.’ Noting that the ‘health and mental health’ of parents plays a factor in ‘parenting and children’s outcomes,’ the federal bureaucracy calls on government to ‘promot(e) their wellness alongside their children’s.'”

     Below is the text of the draft.

Generous Government to Include Parents in Raising of Children

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