The State is (a passive agressive) Mother

     One of the core precepts of the Progressive Left is that all is within the state, nothing is outside the state, and nothing is against the state.  The biggest obsticle to this is the family.  No wonder, then, that the Left insist that your children really belong to them, and there is no family but the state.

     In this brave new world of theirs, the hoi polloi are kept in permanent childhood, where the world is one big “college experience” of “self-discovery” and “finding onself” while “raising awareness”… among other such bromides.

     But the downside to acting like a child, is being treated like one.  Not, of course, by one’s actual parents, but by Leviathan, will this occur.  Nothing better illustrates this than the latest bit of Obamacare propaganda:

     Paul Mirengoff over at Power Line, points out that even then, the parental attitude is not excessively direct, but rather in a passive aggressive tone:

“In essence… modern parenting is characterized first by extraordinary involvement with their children and second by extraordinary patience with them. “Young children seldom have to face a head-on No. Reprimands often end with ‘Okay?,’ as if they were the opening of a negotiation or assent were required.


“How will the ‘angry mom’ ad likely play with young adults raised under the circumstances described by Angell? Team Obama wisely portrays the mom as patient. She isn’t explicitly demanding that her child do anything; she’s simply waiting for him/her to ‘do the right thing.’ And the involvement of this ‘helicopter mom’ in the decision will be viewed as natural, rather than resented.

“Still, the mom, arms folded and with a slight scowl, seems pretty peeved, rather than friendly. And she isn’t negotiating, allegedly is the approach of choice for the modern parent. Instead, as  John observed, she seems ‘bossy.'”

     In the Progressive utopia, you are not free from the authority, but rather under the constant thumb of the state, for “The state is Mother; the state is Father“.

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