How the Left Defines “Diversity”

     A “happy hour” to “build support and community” for “people of color” demonstrated exactly what the rabid Left on college campuses mean by “diversity”: White people not allowed.

     The program coordinator at the “Diversity and Equity Center” at South Puget Sound College did not regret excluding “persons of pallor” but only regretted that the invitation wasn’t “worded better.”

     It seems that their final solution for achieving diversity is to purge the “kyriarchs,” including White people.

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One Response to How the Left Defines “Diversity”

  1. avatar Julie near Chicago says:

    Without white males (and females too), who have been mostly heterosexual (since homosexuals tend not to reproduce), there would be no civilization that developed values of which the ones espoused by the subjects of the posting are a grotesque distortion.

    My g-d, what a convoluted sentence. There was a time when I could write simple English.

    Honor and respect the mostly-heterosexual mostly-European “white” men (and women) who made us what we are: People who understand that all humans are, well, human, and that therefore we should grant respect for his or her humanness to each person until such time as he or she shows by his or her acts that he or she doesn’t deserve it.

    The people who put together that poster and that get-together, the invitation to which openly embraces and supports both racism and sexism, have shown that they don’t deserve it.

    Either that, or they’re WAY too stupid to be teaching nursery school, let alone college.