Children Forced To Support Transvestitism in Massachusetts

     The Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Dept. of Education has proclaimed that boys must be allowed to use girls’ bathrooms or locker rooms, and visa versa.  Their purported excuse for this declaration brings up the currently popular fear-mongering about “bullying.”

“‘These students, because of widespread misunderstanding and lack of knowledge about their lives, are at a higher risk for peer ostracism, victimization, and bullying,’’ the document read.”

     In other words, those who believe that boys are boys, or that girls are girls, are necessarily considered to be wrong, and the state via the public education system must correct that; the idea that boys are boy, or that girls are girls, should not be considered “normal,” but simply “cis-gendered” and “cis-normative” as opposed to “trans-gendered” (or any other new “gender” they come up with).

Pictured: A bullied trans-gender student stands up against HER cis-normative oppressors

     Far from fostering “tolerance,” the stance by Massachusetts not only denies that “cis-gender” individuals should not be considered “normal,” but outright declares war on “cis-normative” values, to the point of denying basic biological truths:

‘‘Fundamentally, boys need to be use boys’ rooms and girls need to be using the girls’ rooms, and we base that on their anatomical sex, not some sort of internalized gender identity’’

     The idea that gender is a social construct or that boys are just girls with dangly bits is the root of this ridiculousness.  Differences in gender are only deemed worthy of protection and celebration when they run contra biological normalcy.

     The purpose of these new policies are not just about junior transvestites.  Massachusetts new edicts echo the proposed treatment of students in Minnesota who express “cis-normative” views as “bullies” in need of psychological counseling.  It is about conditioning young people via public schools to accept the Progressive left’s normative values, thus replacing views that they dislike, to the point where failure to express the politically correct view is punished:

“The guidance said some students may feel uncomfortable sharing those facilities with a transgender student but this ‘’discomfort is not a reason to deny access to the transgender student.’’ It urges administrators to resolve issues on a case-by-case basis, and recommends sufficient sex-neutral restrooms and changing areas.

“The guidance also addresses what to do if other students consistently and intentionally refuse to refer to a transgendered student by the name or sex they identify as: ‘It should not be tolerated and can be grounds for student discipline.’

“Beckwith said the guidance forces students to ignore ‘‘a basic truth of anatomy’’ or face punishment. He also said the guidance is an end run around the state Legislature, which specifically excluded public accommodations, such as rest rooms and locker rooms, from the 2011 bill.”

     Sadly, the Progressive left does not see irony of imposing “tolerance” by refusing to tolerate people who simply disagree with them!  By labeling “cis-normative” as “intolerance” or “discriminatory,” the Progressive left declares their view to be the antithesis of that “intolerance,” and thus they label themselves as the paragon of “tolerance,” despite being intolerant themselves.

     A commentator over at Moonbattery, draws a rather eerie parallel with forcing kids to believe that boys are really girls, with making people believe that four fingers are really five fingers:

“[The novel 1984] is a better example of what is happening than people realize. For the five people who don’t know, the interrogator would hold up 4 fingers and say, ‘I am telling you I am holding up five fingers. Now, how many fingers do you see me holding up?’ Winston said 4 and was tortured for it.

“Where it gets interesting is when he responds by saying 5. The interrogator chides him, saying ‘We both know you don’t believe that’ and would torture him. Eventually, Winston broke and learned to see 5 fingers when he was told 5 and to truly believe it.

“The purpose was not to get the people to recite the lie, but to get the people to believe the lie even as they knew it was a lie.

“Same thing happening here. The point is not to get children to SAY that ‘transgender is normal and right’. The point is to get children to BELIEVE it is true, even when they know that it is not.”

     The ultimate irony is that these gender-bender loving edu-crats truly believe that: “The reality is that it’s about creating an inclusive environment for all students to learn.”  Since they believe the “cis-gendered” to be privileged elite whose “normative values” infest society, they consider that this can only be countered by an “equal” and opposite action to diminish “cis-normative” values, up to, and including, any positive expression of believing that is it normal for boys to be boys, or girls to be girls.

     It bears repeating: “Those who preach “tolerance” the loudest are the most intolerant.

     Hat Tip: Moonbattery.

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