War on Women: Ride the Snake

     The “War on Women” continues unabated, and unsurprisingly, it comes from a state legislator of the same party that brought attacks on a successful female governor, attacks on the rights of women to defend themselves against rapist, and support for men accused of battery and rape: Democrats.

     The most recent example comes from middle aged Connecticut state Rep. Ernest Hewett.  A Seventeen year old girl was talking about how she was shy but was able to get over her fear of snakes, and how she now wants to teach children about snakes and turtles.  Rep. Hewett’s response was perverted and completely uncalled for.  He said:

If you’re bashful I got a snake sitting under my desk here.”

     While it may be that Rep. Hewett is merely social inept, or that he was trying a joke that got mangled as it was transmitted from brain to mouth, the sheer inappropriateness of the comment is manifest.  It is also obvious that if Rep. Hewett were a Republican, the media would be going hog-wild declaring how Republicans are pedophiles, hypocrites, and oppressors of women.

     The sheer inappropriateness was enough for Rep. Hewett to get a slap on the wrists for the sake of appearances, with his stepping down from the role of “Deputy Speaker.” Even then, Rep. Hewett kept the support of many of his fellow Democrats, saying:

“I never know how many friends I really had behind me until now.”

     Perhaps the Democrats need a new theme song to fit their views on women:

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