The Moran Family’s War On Women?

     The misogyny of the left is well established.  But some high-powered people on the left go from mere misogyny to outright violence.  Democrat Congressman Jim Moran’s son, Patrick, was convicted of assaulting his girlfriend.  Patrick Moran’s conviction is not only notable because his father is a connected Congressman, but because Patrick Moran was a political player himself and was caught on video discussing how to commit voter fraud.

     While Rep. Moran can not be held legally accountable for the actions of another person, even his son, he should be answerable for his own actions.  Rep. Moran was accused by his ex-wife of domestic violence.  His ex-wife later refused to testify against him; such refusal is often an example of “battered woman syndrome” and ought to have raised the concern of feminists.  Unsurprisingly, the left’s “War on Womyn” meme and decrying of “violence against women” does not apply to powerful leftist politicians who support a narrow pro-abortion agenda.  This is being echoed in the case of Patrick Moran who, despite his conviction for assaulting his girlfriend, is nonetheless being defended by the assaulted girlfriend as being nothing but an “accident.”

     If a Republican or a conservative was falsely accused of anything that Rep. Moran or his son were, the so-called feminists would have hounded them and the media would have crucified them.  Yet again we see feminists excusing actions by powerful men that harm women, and total silence when it comes to supported battered women.

     The Moran’s rallying cry to feminists is less “I am woman” and more Prodigy:

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