British Politician: Disabled Kids “Should Be Put Down”

     An Independent councillor for Wadebridge East in Cornwall was forced to resign under pressure after he suggested that “disabled children cost the council too much money and should be put down.”

     This is reminiscent of the Holocaust got its start and false veneer of social acceptability by euthanizing children with hereditary illness, or were physically or mentally handicapped. Indeed, the NAZIs used the same argument that the now-former counceillor from Cornwall used: That the disabled were a “burden” on society.”

NAZI poster ranting about the "burden" of the handicapped (from Þe Olde Wikipedia)

     This is the ultimate fate of the truly needy and helpless in socialized medicine: Healthcare will be rationed, so that the disabled few are sacrificed for the many who are otherwise healthy. After all, what could be more “egalitarian” than making sure the disabled don’t use more than their “fair share” of limited health resources.

     It is both frightening and sad that this politician felt he could openly suggest such a horrible thing.

     It is sad, because the British politician was just voicing what many believe, but dare not speak too openly about.

     It is frightening because getting rid of the burdensome is increasingly the modus operandi of the British National Health Service (NHS).

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