Europe’s Death Penalty: Slaughter of the Innocents

     Europe has long considered America to be “uncivilized” because in most states, as well as on the Federal level, the death penalty exists.  Yet, despite their cry of “barbarity” at our willingness to protect innocent people from monsters, Europe actually allows real monsters free reign to slaughter the innocent.  Europeans, however, do not call them “monsters,” they call them “Doctor.”

     Unlike the euthanasia happy European medical establishment, the death penalty in America is reserved for the worst scum and is often necessary in order to protect innocents.  For example, the most recent person to be executed in California was convicted of crimes committed while he was already serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole.  Clearly, the death penalty was necessary to protect further slaughter of the innocents.

     Euthanasia was most sickeningly displayed by the NAZI regime, which killed hundreds of thousands of innocents including both adults and children who were mentally and physically handicapped and thus were considered “unworthy of life,” under direction of the Charitable Foundation for Curative and Institutional Care.  Indeed, the NAZIs not only killed children for reasons of racial purity, but because they were considered a drain on society.

NAZI poster ranting about the "burden" of the handicapped (from Þe Olde Wikipedia)

     Ultimately, socialized medicine becomes about the health of the “society,” or perhaps more accurately, Rousseau’s Volonté Générale.  Now-a-days, not only are there advocates who believe that killing children is morally acceptable because they are not “real persons,” but doctors who put this into practice.

     The Dutch have blazed the path towards not-so-voluntary euthanasia, with doctor’s not only killing those who wanted to die, but also vulnerable teenagers, those who did not want to die at all, those who were denied medicines/treatments, those who were forcibly starved or dehydrated, and above all that, infants who are deemed to be handicapped.  However, the kill-happy doctors do not limit themselves with the handicapped, but expand the list of undesirables to include the elderly.

     The U.K.’s National Health Service (NHS) is widely touted as demonstrating how “civilized” they are with their guaranteed availability of health services, in contrast to the “uncivilized” United States where everyone, both American citizens and aliens, can not be denied emergency medical treatment.  The irony is stark, as hundreds of thousands of elderly Brits are killed off every year.  Indeed, when one socializes the medical field, medical services are rationed and the elderly are the first to be denied help.  Even the most barbaric cultures treat their elderly better than the NHS does!

Theodoric of York

Pictured: NHS Health Specialist

     Probably the most disturbing trend, has been the euthanization of patients in order to harvest their organs.  This has been going on not only in the U.K., but has most recently been touted in Belgium.  The incentive to kill for medical purposed sets a frightening precedent.  Clearly, we are now 20 minutes into the future, so as to speak:

     The root of the problem is that killing patients has now become an acceptable medical practice, with doctors and medical bureaucrats given being given free reign to make the best “medical” decision, regardless whether the patients has explicitly acquiesced or not.  People in comas, children, and the handicapped can not truly consent to any medical procedure.  Once euthanasia becomes accepted medical practice, they will have a medical Sword of Damocles over their head.

     After all, the point of medical treatment is to maintain or improve health; death is not very healthy.

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