Transvestites Against Crossdressing?

Cross-dressing contest: Inciting prejudice against those with “Gender Identity Disorder”?

“There is a time and place for everything. It’s called ‘College’.”
— Chef, “Southpark”

      The Unviersity of Shimane, Hamada, in Japan, where Political Correctness is blissfully rare, has had to cancel its annual “Crossdressing Contest” due to the complaints of… Transvestites.

      This lighthearted bit of silliness, which was part of the university’s cultural festival, was attacked by the “Purple Wind” LGBT rights group. This Japanese group has been complaining that this shows disrespect for “people with gender identity disorder.”

      Ultimately, this is just another example of the left trying to eliminate the norms of society in the hopes of imposing their own. This is quite sad since the comedic use of cross-dressing has a well deserved place in many cultures:

      If a man feels like a little girl on the inside, I really don’t care; but forcing others to go along without dissent and accept this “lifestyle” crosses (pun intended) over from the freedom to pretend to be opposite of one’s natural born sex, to cultural totalitarianism.

      Hat Tip: Sankaku Complex. If you have a strong stomach, you can view pictures of the “Purple Winds” transvestite leader here: [NSFW].

      P.S. The original article at the NHK was scrubbed from their website. The link used above is from Google’s cache. Other reports can be found here, here, and here. If those sites become unavailable, e-mail me for the archives/screen shots if interested.


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