The New Sexuality Comes Up Snake Eyes

     According to the left, you, dear reader, have a 90% chance of wanting to have sexual relations with someone of the same sex.  And now the Federal government wants to keep records of that, by recording what a persons sexual orientation is during the decennial Census.

     Kids are now being taught that 10% of people are full on homosexual and 80% are fully bisexual (according to the “research” of child-rape advocate Alfred Kinsey).  This leaves only 10% of people who are actually straight.  The left has gone so far as to try to ban people from convincing teens that they might not be gay after all, thus muzzling dissenting speech.  By convincing otherwise straight kids that they are really “bisexual,” you will have lost of heterosexual twenty-somethings proudly declare that they are 10% Bisexual on the Kinsey scale, and thus the left will be able to artificially inflate the numbers.  The census would then “confirm” those findings.

     There are certainly a small percentage of individuals who are sexually attracted to those of the same sex, for whatever cause or combination of causes.  Personally, I generally don’t really care who a person is or is not attracted to, or what they do in private or even profess openly.  But the Progressive left have gone beyond any pretense of “tolerance” to actively try to replace the mores of society and even overrule mother nature.

     It is not just sexual orientation, but gender and one’s sex itself.  Under liberal/”academic” ideology, gender and a persons sex are two different things.  They see “gender” as nothing more than a social construct.  Thus, a person can be a female gender but a male sex.  Since the “andro-normative” and “hetero-nomative” values of Western civilization are considered to be evil, the left tries to divorce gender from one’s natural born sex.  To destroy this evil, gender roles are condemned and even punished.

     To the Progressive left, then, a persons natural born sex is nothing more then a pluming issue.  Increasingly, boys are simply seen as girls with dangly bits, and any typical male behavior they show is considered to be an aberration and sign of “andro-normative” values which are “oppressive” or some such nonsense.

     Any attempt to question the Progressive/”academic” left’s views will result in them citing some 1950’s stereotype of gender rolls that are overly specific and not necessarily based in anything having to do with reality.  Thus they give this option to kids that they are teaching: The Progressive way or the way of those evil andro-normative oppressors…

     Try as they might, though, the Progressive left can not fool mother nature.  Britain’s youngest “sex change” patient has had second thoughts, and is not begging the U.K.’s National Health Service (NHS) to reverse the damage done.

     The academic left have cast loaded dice in their sexuality research and those dice have come up Snake Eyes for Western Civilization.

     This will not end well…

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