Quick Takes – Transgender Tyranny: Manipulating Victims; Coping With Victimhood; Transgender Guidelines From Shadow Organizations

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.

     The focus this time: They’re coming for your young.

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     One of the tropes of transgender children is that they somehow know, beyond any possible doubt, that they need to be put on puberty blockers, injected with hormones, and be surgically mutilated… until they realize that they’ve been manipulated.

“When Marcus Fitz started ejaculating blood it finally occurred to him that just maybe the medical professionals he trusted had been misleading him.

“For several years, he said, the doctors he saw enticed him with gender transition surgery and led him to believe that being castrated was a beneficial option that would improve his overall health and well-being.

“Fitz, 41, is originally from the Midwest and now resides in California. He is among the rising number of people known as ‘detransitioners,’ having identified as transgender for over a decade. Fitz lived a “mostly stealth” life and frequently lied to coworkers, neighbors and new friends about his biological sex.

“Now suffering from a host of medical complications as a result of years of hormone treatment, including phantom pain in his groin and bouts of severe depression, he is five years into his detransition journey and is reintegrating with his anatomically male body.”

     As more and more vulnerable youths are tricked into self-mutilation, the more and more important it will be to hear from those who suffered before them.

“Last December, I received an early Christmas present that I would have rejected just one year earlier: an ‘M’ for ‘male’ on my driver’s license.

“The switch back to male marked the end of a long journey of gender confusion and self-deception. Along the way I became a transgender activist and then America’s first legally non-binary person.

“By Christmas Eve 2019, I was done with the lies. By God’s grace, a Portland judge granted my petition to legally restore my sex to male.

“This has been a five-year ordeal. I first rose to become a transgender activist in 2015, telling The New York Times: ‘I now live in a world where radical, conservative politicians and religious groups routinely attack my very existence with legislation to deny me basic human rights such as a bathroom that matches my gender-identity.’

“New to identifying as a woman at that stage of my life, but indoctrinated by the peddlers of transgender ideology to believe I was one, I incorrectly believed that gaining access to female bathrooms was a human rights issue for me.

“I was wrong. In hindsight, it was all part of a selfish quest to nourish my long-held sexual fantasy of being a woman—a mental disorder called autogynephilia.”

     This nouveau madness of transgenderism doesn’t arise from poplar sentiment or even from actual scientific consensus.

“When researching my investigative story ‘The Tragedy of the “Trans” Child,’ an activist group purporting to be a professional association, the so-called World Professional Association of Transgender Health [WPATH], kept cropping up. The influence of this activist body on more significant, well-known health-care organizations, such as the World Health Organization, is worth further investigation.”


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