Rape Gang Privilege

     Because certain proscribed “truths” that individuals who happen to be of [REDACTED] race and [REDACTED] faith must be assumed more innocent than others… regardless of the damage to justice, many, many, many, many, examples of minors have been sacrificed upon the alter of political correctness…

     It is one thing to try to dispel unfounded racist stereotypes.

     It is another thing to go out of your way to cover up actual pimping out of underage girls because the perpetrators where of the institutionally privileged [REDACTED] race and institutionally privileged [REDACTED] faith.

     Yet… far too many police in the U.K. have sided with Political Correctness over any sane person’s idea of “justice”. But you know things are bad when even the far Left BBC admits that rape victims were kicked to the curb in order to protect their evil handlers due to the “problems” that would arise be prosecuting those of a [REDACTED] race and [REDACTED] faith.

“So what went wrong? As the Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham put it, there was an institutional mindset in which young, vulnerable girls were not seen as the victims but as the problem.

“They were children in our care. Children some of those in authority labelled as prostitutes and promiscuous. Children who it was said had chosen to be exploited.

“And the perpetrators were all from an ethnic minority which the authorities recognised had itself been a victim of prejudice and racism.

“However demanding and difficult they may be, the welfare of children must always come first.”

     But they weren’t.

     Even with a slipping acknowledgment of the truth, will anything change?

     Some small acknowledgments…

     But will such death and horror really result in any fruitful change?

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4 Responses to Rape Gang Privilege

  1. avatar Thomas Moore says:

    Imagine this; as you are out and about you come across a lovely skunk. Just so cute and hungry! You decide to take it home. Soon after the skunk wants friends so it goes out and brings to home and ranch many skunks. Now you must feed them all. Soon after skunks start making baby skunks and there are hundreds then thousands of them all over your home. They soon demand status of your bedroom and kitchen and stake out their territory in parlor and then your home is utterly overcome with skunks. Can you evict them? Not easily for they will attack you with claws and spray. So what to do? Either go to war and kill them all and run the others away or a better idea? DO NOT BRING EVEN ONE SKUNK INTO YOUR HOME.

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  3. avatar Thomas Moore says:

    My company does exist in a great many countries where my calling EVIL MUZZY for exactly the death-rape cult they are would be a criminal offense. Not kidding. Just my calling out EVIL for exactly what it is would have police at my door to haul me away for “inciting hate” and why yes I do hate evil. I hate evil a lot. I will fight it and I am quite ready to kill evil before it kills others and myself. And for that I have self-banned myself from a great many countries. How long until I have police at my door here in USA wanting to arrest me for my “hatred of evil”? And what will I do? Follow along like a sheep to slaughter and be imprisoned in the exact same jails and prisons as where they send the evil who are caught? How ironic.

  4. avatar SPQR says:

    Here is my theory. The UK is a giant pedophile asylum.