Is Britain At War With Her Own People?

If Rotherham is any evidence toward that, then YES.

     It turns out that not only did the Rotherham officials turn a blind eye to underage sex trafficking because the traffickers were of [REDACTED] race and [REDACTED] religion, but not only did the police actively aid and abet the sex trafficking, but even participated in the underage sex!

“The police watchdog is now involved in 54 ongoing investigations into ‘allegations about how South Yorkshire Police dealt with child sexual exploitation in Rotherham’.

“These cover a range of accusations, from a failure to act on reported child sexual exploitation to corruption.

“The IPCC said it is undertaking ‘ongoing research and analysis work’ into the claims made by 41 complainants to date.

“Ninety-two of the allegations relate to police officers who have been identified. The other 102 involve as yet unidentified officers.”

     Further, at least one officer “had sex with under-age girls, passed drugs to the sex-grooming gang and tipped them off when colleagues were searching for missing children, a court was told.”

     When your own local government is part and parcel of the sex trafficking of you and yours own children, protected with the power of declaring you to be a dreaded “racist” (and is there any more destroying epithet than “racist”?), than your own local government is at war with you and they are but conspiring with invaders who enjoy their “right of conquest” with your daughters.

     Will Parliament stand up to this?  Will the Queen stand up for her subjects?

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