How Many Young Girls is Political Correctness Worth?

     Just how many young girls is the facade of political correctness worth?  In Rotherham, at least 1400.

     That an organized ring of men of [CENSORED] national origin and of the [CENSORED] faith for years have turned at least 1400 young girls into sex slaves is, to the vast majority of people, despicable, is self evident… unless you are a Rotherham council leader or other minion of the state who for years thought that knowingly allowing young girls to be turned into sex slaves — even to the point of turning away those girls when they begged for help — is an acceptable sacrifice in order to maintain the visage of political correctness.

     While the explosion of the scandal has finally resulted in legal proceedings against some of the ringleaders, the officials in Rotherham who knew what was going on and decided to protect the sex slavers by their silence, remain free, with only token resignations.  While those officials remain free, one of the victims has been arrested for confronting her abuser for “racially aggravated public order offenses.”


     Maybe… Juuuuuuust maybe, she was motivated by the fact that the man she confronted abused her, rather than mere racial differences?  Even people just condemning the condemnable are getting death threats for daring to question the “pure” motives of politically correct government monsters who helped cover-up and protect sex slavers!

     Rotherham’s council is the same one which removed foster kids from a loving home because the foster parents were members of an “incorrect” political party, UKIP.  So, in their view it is better to have young girls molested by a politically correct group than be brought up in a loving home by foster parents who are members of a politically incorrect group.

     Yes, these young girls were victims of an organized ring of men of [CENSORED] national origin and of the [CENSORED] faith, but to a higher degree, they were victims of “anti-racism,” of political correctness, and of their own government.

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