Progressive Science: Pansexual Wood Sprites and Sad Clowns

     Bill Nye, who used to be known as the “science guy” a generation ago when he hosted a sub-par kiddy program, now fancies himself a warrior of the one true faith science. He has decided to highlight his dedication to science by embracing pansexual flirty wood sprites and using a sexual aid to pleasure oneself while having an internet audio-visual chat with a sad clown…

     Sure, this could just be chalked up to a big self-deprecating joke, but the song-and-dance number was just too spot on with how these #ILoveScienceSexually/Social Justice Wariors actually think and what they actually believe.

     “Science” has ceased to be an approach and a method for attaining a better understanding of how things work, and become but a tool, at best, to support the narrative when convenient, or a fig leaf for the secular faith that is “Social Justice”, and more broadly, the Progressive worldview.

     Already we see calls for a “Feminist” version of science, “anti-colonial”/”anti-White” “ways of knowing“, and other political shenanigans used to push the pre-determined correct narrative.

     The “science”, and medicine, must adhere to the revealed truth of “Social Justice”. Sexuality, gender, and even biological sex itself are both concomitantly a mandated “scientific consensus” of decreed innateness (2 + 2 = 3) and a “social construct” (2 + 2 = 5).

     At this point, this nouveau “science” has been relegated to asking how many trans-boys can dance on the head of a pin!

     Even species and reality itself is not beyond fungibility!

     Bill Nye has gone from “the science guy” on a kids’ TV show to high priest to championing masturbation to sad clowns under the moonlight while pansexual wood sprites wax poetically about their “sex junk”

     What a stupid time to be alive…

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