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The Christchurch Ball and Gag

     The Prime Minister, whose party holds dictatorial control over Middle Earth New Zealand, is doubling down on authoritarianism by pushing the “Christchurch Call” on governments and tech giants to censor “violent” and other “hateful” speech.      The entire “call” can be … Continue reading

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Academia Down The Memory Hole

     George Orwell introduced us to the concept of the “Memory Hole”, where inconvenient documents and records are disappeared as if they never existed. In the novel 1984, this memory hole was a literal hole that lead to an incinerator that … Continue reading

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The European Digital Panopticon and the Silencing of Dissent

     Not satisfied with throttling free speech through vague and excessive copyright restrictions, the European Union is looking to abolish all expressions of thoughtcrime as well as the privacy that inhibits the ability of the technocratic overlords to monitor and control … Continue reading

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Begun, The Meme Wars Have

     The so-called Parliament of the European Union has passed sweeping copyright laws that are tantamount to a proactive censorship that would require licenses to link, pre-clearance of posts, and 24/7 monitoring to enforce vague requirements. “The Copyright Directive, first proposed … Continue reading

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Gatekeepers Gonna Gatekeep

     A small number of tech companies hold a monopoly on þe olde internet superhighway, with the various top-dog companies controlling different niches in the broader yet increasingly intellectually narrowed world of social media.      A handful of companies now have the … Continue reading

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Pippi Longstocking, Thought Criminal

     Under the guise of making room for more books, the libraries of Swedish municipality of Botkyrka have purged themselves of politically incorrect older editions of the Pippi Longstocking book “Pippi in the South Sea”. Specifically because: “The new edition of … Continue reading

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California and the Censoring of Doubleplusungood Political Internet Speech

     A bill was introduced this year to the California Assembly, AB 1104, bans “false” or “deceptive” statements on the internet having to do with any candidate or ballot measure. The relevant text of the proposed measure: “Section 18320.5 is added … Continue reading

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When Censorship Becomes a Civil Right

     The Oregon bakers who didn’t want to personal creative abilities to promote and endorse a same-sex ceremony have prohibited from speaking out about their beliefs.      Not to be happy with simply fining them $135,000, the Oregon Labor Commissioner, who is … Continue reading

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