“Mother” and “Father” Purged from California

     California is at the vanguard of abolishing the legal notion of gender… except where contra-normative transgenderism is useful politically.  Already children, who’ve been convinced that they are not what they were born as, can use whatever bathroom (boys or girls) they want with impunity.  Even more ludicrously, the state of California is now at odds with the obvious biological reality that two men, or two women, can never naturally have a child between them.

     Now, they are trying to completely eliminate any notion of “father” or “mother”:

     AB 1951 would “modify birth certificates by removing the lines ‘mother’ and ‘father’ and replace them with checked boxes that read ‘mother and father’ and ‘parent,’ offering a generic, gender-neutral option. If ‘mother’ and ‘father’ are no longer accurate descriptions on a birth certificate, what will the children call these parents?”

     AB 1577 would “requires public health officers, when preparing official death certificates for transgender decedents, to ignore the biological gender at birth and prepare the death certificate as the decedent has self-identified.”

     SB 1306 “removes all references to ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ in the Family Code, replacing with the gender-neutral phrase ‘spouse,’ as well as removal of ‘male,’ ‘female’ and ‘opposite sex.'”

     The primary problem, aside from the sheer power of the state to institute Cultural Marxism, is that mothers and fathers exist, that they are not the same, and denying biological reality is futile.

     Any social norm thrust on people that is contrary to their very biological nature can not, and will not survive.  Society will adjust to align itself more with biological reality, and away from some Critical Gender Studies delusional fancies.

     By forcibly denying any difference between a father and a mother, society is driven away from the tried and true solutions, namely families with a mother and father to provide stability and a way of transmitting a sustainable culture.

     It begs the question: What’s next?

     Will birth certificates no longer have any way of identifying a babies sex and/or gender?

     Will biological reality itself be outlawed?  Any such biological distinction becoming a “hate crime”?  Will people be punished for daring to call a man a man, or a woman a woman, at work due to creating a “hostile work environment,” or a child labeled a “bully” for refusing to call a boy a girl, or a girl a boy?

     The Progressive utopia will never happen, as it is antithetical to biology.  The results will very well indeed destroy the norms and customs of society… but what replaces it will be anything but a utopia.

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