Boys are Boys; Girls are Girls

     Boys are more than imperfect girls, yet are treated as defective or stupid when they fail to respond well or learn as well as girls when they are treated as something they are not, i.e. girls.

     As author Sarah Hoyt points out:

“If you told any feminist that in a school system most teachers were men, the learning style was competitive/non cooperative – designed for most boys over most girls – that it required them to do things – instead of just reciting things – that it was designed for male development milestones and that most male teachers had been taught girls were bad/lazy – and girls were failing in record numbers…  They’d be up in arms.

“But the same thing applies to boys, in our system right now, and the response is that boys are bad/defective.  And when boys won’t read books with girl main characters, it’s the boys who are broken, but back in my day when girls didn’t like books with boy main characters, we needed more books with girls as heros.”

     It’s a double-standard, but such hypocrisy has become frighteningly the norm.

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