A Lesson for a Marxist Fool

     A “useful idiot” over at Salon has had the amazing intellectual discover of a system that would eschew that moldy old “capitalism” with a system of shared ownership, which the rest of the world has sadly known all to well as Communism.

     Plenty of individuals have taken it upon themselves to take-down the sheer and utter idiocy of Salon’s commie stooge, including Robert Stacy McCain.

     Much has been written here on how Marxism has become in vogue again, and how it has been imposed.  But perhaps what Salon’s communist useful idiot needs most is not additional admonishment, but a history lesson of just what Communism brings.  For that “useful idiot” and other fellow goers, a history lesson is presented below: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s “Gulag Archipelago,” which can be read here, or heard below.

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