Boys Will Be Boys

     One of the greatest assaults on civilization, and indeed on reality itself, is the denial by the rabid Left that boys are boy and that girls are girls.  Their social Lysenkoism seeks to abolish the differences between the sexes as just “gender” being a “social construct.”  They go so far as to force transvestitism and metrosexuality as normal.  Sometimes it takes a lady (or two) to point out the lunacy of the Progressives’ war on boys.

     Author Sarah Hoyt warns of the dangers of denying men their nature as masculine beings.

“Do these differences in the way gender is expressed invalidate the concept of gender and make us all tabula rasa? Can we raise boys to behave as women and women as boys and nothing at all will be different?

“I’d ask how stupid you have to be to believe that except that I know most psychologists and sociologists practicing today were TAUGHT that – whether they believe it or not depends, I guess on how much exposure they’ve had to the real world.  And I know places like Sweden and Holland and Germany and other “enlightened” locations have swallowed this hook line and sinker, which is why we have “gender neutral” toys and the idea that kids get to choose their gender as adults, kind of like some “enlightened” parents let kids choose their own names “when they’re old enough”.  As though it were just some accoutrement, and not an essential part of who you are, formed and molded into muscle and thought and hormonal load from the time you were in the womb, and formed before that over millennia of evolution.

“Yes, men and women had different evolutionary pressures.  There is a pattern to humanity.”

     Abolish that and men’s natural maleness will rear itself, but unbound by society and decency:

“They don’t understand that the decision to court rather than rape is built in very deeply in a man’s psyche, layered by thousands of years of evolution and – yes – sexual conditioning.  It is a gentleness born of strength.  Men who know themselves to be stronger than any woman they want, discipline themselves to go slowly, to court her.

“Even in the most primitive tribes, rituals are instituted to bend men into this civilized mold.  Because when the mold is broken, the result is that men abuse women, women abuse children, and the world goes to hell.


“The problem is this – you don’t reverse evolution in two generations.  Even if you could, it would be stupid, mind, since there are muscular and hormonal reasons for men’s strength, but the point is you can’t do it, anyway.

“So when you educate children to believe it’s all a social construction and there’s no difference, you run up against the fact that there’s differences.


“Men and women are not the same.  They are different at the sinew level, at the hormonal level, and yes, at the brain level.  Different signals of dominance and submission are baked into each of them by thousands of years of evolution.

“You can’t upend it quickly or efficiently and the attempt is likely to reduce to rubble everything built since the first proto-human gave a girl a flower instead of throwing her to the ground and having his way with her.  You’ve been warned.  Disregard it at your own risk.”

     The blogger “Judgybitch” chimes in with her own experiences with her son:

“What concerns me… is the possibility that only certain emotions are recognized as valid and worthy – the ones that girls tend to be good at.  I worry that emotions like empathy, fear, sadness and tenderness are prized over emotions like anger, defiance, dominance and stoicism.

“Of course, both boys and girls experience the full range of human emotions, and while I think we can all agree that every emotion is perfectly valid, HOW those emotions are expressed comes in for some very harsh assessments when it comes to boys.

“There is a big difference, too, between acknowledging an emotional response and endorsing how that emotion is expressed.  We don’t hesitate to inform our toddlers that they may not bite other people no matter how angry they feel, or how justified that anger is.  It’s not the anger that’s wrong, it’s the biting.  We teach them better ways to express their anger.

“I cringe a little when I hear parents and teachers say “use your words” as an alternate method of expressing X emotion.

“Using words is the way that girls tend to express their feelings.  Of course, not EVERY little girl wants to talk about her feelings, and plenty of little boys are more than willing to express themselves verbally, but in general, it’s girls who like to “use their words”.  And that isn’t a product of socialization. Gender differences are present from birth. From the moment they are born, girls prefer to look at “social objects” – faces, and boys prefer to look at “physical-mechanical” objects – a mobile.


“Even baby primates will choose their toys based on their gender.  Girl vervet monkeys play with the doll and boy vervet monkeys play with the car.”

     She recognizes what is obvious to every human being who is not a Progressive, that channeling these innate male traits requires a father:

“What boys need, more than anything else, is OTHER MEN to guide them through those transitions.

“All the books in the world aren’t going to replace a community of men who take responsibility for shepherding their sons into adulthood.

“We have a name for those men.

“They’re called fathers.

“And every child deserves one.

“It’s a basic human right. That’s what this whole movement boils down to, doesn’t it?  The assurance of basic human rights for everyone, including the right to have and be a father.  Not the obligation.  The right.”

     When “gender” is abolished, either maleness or femaleness will be de facto as well as de jure considered a mental pathological illness.  No wonder, then than maleness is the one that is treated as being “wrong.”  By denying the innate biological existence of masculinity, all of the social pillars and mores that channeled those energies, passions, and tendencies towards a good for both men and women are abolished.  What is left is what would have been men left as immature man-children.

     This war on boys is a war against reality itself.  The Progressive ethos of equality falsely so called can not, and will not stand.  No matter how much they try, the Progressives will fail.  The only question is just how much damage they will do with their “intellectual” death orgy?

     A little mood music:

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