Same-Sex Marriage Isn’t

     On the torpid road to same-sex marriage, “domestic partnerships” were offered as a way to provide equal legal benefits and rights without lessening marriage itself to just a validation by the state of two people’s “wuv.”

     This option is rejected by same-sex marriage proponents because they do not also get the word “marriage,” and the social acceptance that the word brings.

     Why not make the state sanction for everybody a “domestic partnership” where any consenting adults can become legally a single body when it comes to such domestic/family issues, just like marriage is.  That way, everyone will have equal rights, but society will be left unmolested to hash out what is and what isn’t marriage, without the thumb of government coercion.

     But the left is all about coercion, and would never agree to it.  Marriage isn’t a government benefit, nor is it a religious ceremony.  It is a basic and integral pillar of society.

     It is the social recognition of the natural complemency of women and men.  Since straights are the vast majority of the population, the social norm of marriage serves to benefit them both.  Society is not, and can not be, created just ex nihilo by the “general will” or whatnot; it is evolutionary.  Society develops, and norms and taboos arise and are perpetuated because they serve to benefit society, rather then retard or destroy it.  To quote Ace of Spade HQ cob-logger Mætenloch: “[M]aybe, just maybe social traditions aren’t just arbitrary rules set down by the elite – but are solutions to common human problems that have been worked out over millennia.”

     In this way, it is the left who are against evolution, and are themselves practitioners of Intelligent Design, abet with themselves in the place of God.

     Since the combination of man and a man or woman and a woman does not exploit this natural complementary dualism of man and woman, and thus can not benefit by it because it is fundamentally different due to the fundamental differences in people’s biological sex (not “gender” or sexual orientation), gay marriage only bring a false equivalency at best, or at worst simply co-opts a word and destroys what it once meant.

     It goes beyond that, though.  All people are uniquely unequal; no two people are the same.  The left is so obsessed with destroying that, that they push an obsessive equality of results to the point of opposing nature and reality itself.  The left truly and utterly believes that there is no difference between men and women.  Since they can’t escape the obvious difference between male and female sexual organs & functions, they create “gender” as a separate things and insist that “gender” is entirely a social construct that must be destroyed.  That is why they have moved from homosexuality, to transvestitism.  If you dare suggest that a man is a man, then you will be deemed a “H8er” and eventually such incorrect beliefs will be punished as being “bullying,” creating “hostile work environment,” &c.

     The left are the intellectual descendants of the Jacobins, and like the Jacobins they believe that “the function of the State was not merely one of the ruling the nation, but also that of recasting it in a given mold, of shaping the mentality of the population as a whole in accordance with a predetermined model and instilling the ideas and sentiments they thought desirable in the minds of all.”

     The left is not honest about its end goals – it can not be.  They just boil the frog slowly…

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