The War on Boys – The Abandoned Gender

Second post of two, on the War on Boys
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     Boys and young men are being left behind academically, and increasingly throughout their life. Despite the “war on womyn” rhetoric, boys and young men are falling behind and quickly becoming the forgotten gender. But what is going on beyond mere academic and business statistics, and what is becoming of them?

     As previously mentioned, “gender” is being seen more and more as a “social construct” with femininity being the new normal, and masculinity being pathological.  The “gender neutral” advocates are trying to push that gender is only a “social construct” and that boys are just girls with dangly bits. With girls performing boys in school and beyond, we see boys being left behind, if not outright pushed back. Combined with a larger and larger number of out-of-wedlock births occurring, society faces a situation where boys and young men rebel against this false paradigm that is so dead set against nature.

     Despite the “gender neutral” mumblings from the “experts” on the left, boys will be boys. They will tend to be bond and communicate via roughhousing, competitive sports, and are otherwise prone to be physical. Without the example of proper limits set by a father, other male roll-model, or even society, boys and young men will be unbounded masculinity expressing itself in destructive ways, be it targeted inwardly or outwardly.

     Ever notice that these mass murderers tend to be young males?

     While the male role in society (or lack thereof) does not cause mental illness, it can have a contributing factor to how that illness plays out.

     Right now we have a society that is increasingly excluding young males. When you do that, they will either act like petulant boys, or their physical aggression (which in an earlier age would have been tempered by the expectations of society), is left wild and out of control.

     While most young men won’t go out and kill people, those without that control would be more likely to lash out violently when there was no real limits set for them, especially when they don’t have a father who is proactive in their lives.

It isn’t the only cause, but perhaps it is at least one of the contributing factors on why we are seeing these types of violent massacres as the result of mental illness among boys and young men.

     Perhaps the root cause of these problems aren’t guns, but that they are living in a society where being male is considered a pathological illness. Nowadays, men are no longer an integral part of a family and single motherhood stands triumphant. Without fathers, boys have no way of understanding themselves as men, particularly since the message they get society is anything but that. We now have a society of grown children who are listless and have no real place to be in society that is in any way positive. There is neither responsibility nor expectation to mould or temper them into proper and respectable gentlemen. This is reflected in the popular media, which reinforces the view that “men” are nothing more than grown adolesents who want to goof off and party. Boys no longer have a positive role-model and no longer even know how to be a man, or even what it means. That this also hurts girls by denying them a father is also true, and a clear indication of the ironic nature of this war on boys.

     With girls being considered the norm, any deviation from that is considered a problem. The fact that rough-housing is now considered practically a violent crime, or the fact that boys are increasingly left behind in schools more geared towards girls than boys, might mean that we as a modern society are failing boys and young men. Indeed, they are increasingly being left out in society, and are becoming the forgotten or “abandoned gender.”

Modern leftists have largely succeeded in destroying a man’s place in society. The roles of the sexes, while maybe not optimal or even great, have evolved over millennia and have set boundaries that help keep boys and young men on the straight and narrow. Perhaps these re-writers of society should heed some womanly wisdom:

“Do not depend only on theory if your life is at stake.”
—Bene Gesserit Commentary

     Ultimately, this war on boys is as much a woman’s issue just as much as it is a man’s, for every boy is some mother’s son.

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