The War on Boys – America Has Failed Her Sons

The first post of two, on the War on Boys.
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     With all the “War on Womyn” rhetoric being thrown hypocritically about by the misogynists and abusers of the left, perhaps one should take pause and consider if there is another, more real war going on: The war on boys.

     The majority of college degrees are awarded to women, around 56% to 57% across all colleges and degrees.  In K-12 primary and secondary schools, girls massively exceed boys when it comes to literacy and related skills, and also with graduation and retention. While it is true that there are more men gaining STEM degrees, and Post-Graduate degrees in general, that number has been rapidly shrinking to be more even, while the gap for reading, writing, and other such non-STEM subjects remains large.

     The attempt to ensure that boys and girls have an equal chance to succeed in any subject or field they desire to pursue is laudable and good. But in the endeavor to help girls, from “bring your daughter to work day” to emphasizing group activities over competition in academia, the scales perhaps may have shifted well beyond the equilibrium mark. For example, a recent study indicates that female teachers give boys lower marks then girls, while male teachers tend to be more even.  The vast majority of children receiving a D or an F in school are boys, as are the vast majority of students in “special education programs.”

     The response from the left has usually been to point out that CEO’s of multi-billion dollar corporations tend to be male, and other such statistical tidbits, to somehow prove that boys are “privileged” at all levels of school and society and that Affirmative Action is necessary to change this. The left also quite readily responds to men and even the suggestion that boys may be getting the short end of the stick with ridicule!

     This ignores two things. The first is that many of these indicators are lagging ones. They show the cumulative effect of decades of experience. Though men still run more small businesses then women, women-owned companies are growing at twice the rate of men-owned companies. Also, differences may very well be due to free and informed choices on how people live their own lives.

     This is not to suggest that there is never any case whatsoever of women being discriminated against, but only that boys and men are not necessarily living with a “privilege” that always gives them a leg up on women.  By continuing to “correct” for this fictitious “privilege,” boys are being ignored or even pushed behind.

     But what is going on beyond mere academic and business statistics, and what has become of the forgotten and “abandoned gender?”

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