The Evolution of Man is… Metrosexual?

     It has been often commented that modern feminists and the Progressive Left seem to consider masculinity as a pathological illness.  Since the Progressive Left abandons all notion of “gender,” it sets the default “normal” as being feminine, thus leaving any and all male attributes as being symptoms of an illness to be cured.  Perhaps, though, they see it not so much as an illness but as evolutionarily backwards, with masculinity being a sign of a mouth-breathing troglodyte caveman, and with femininity as being the evolved version of humanity?

     A recent commercial depicts a stereotypical slob of a man being “evolved” into a heterosexual displaying “evolved” femininity.

     The destruction of male role models has resulted in meterosexuality becoming a poor substitute as a role model for boys, as well as for girls.   The feminization of men is certainly being advanced by the mainstreaming of genderbending, but the war on boys and the men they grow up to be goes far beyond that, as the “innocent” commercial shows…

     Whither masculinity?  A little mood music:

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