Bioengineering And Robots Converge: Confluence To Cyborg Catgirl

     While technology to create fembots and gynoids progresses, the advancement of bioengineering is also advancing towards the same ultimate goal of genetically engineering catgirls for domestic ownership in robotic, or cyborg, form.   Specifically, the ability to grow the brains for cyborg catgirls has gone from mere organoids to a more complex structure that involves nerve connectivity with other organs, including eyes.

“Small blobs of human brain grown in a dish have been coaxed into forming rudimentary eyes, which respond to light by sending signals to the rest of the brain tissue.

The pairs of eye-like structures create tissues similar to those in real eyes, including a round lens, which normally focuses an image, and a retina, the patch of tissue at the back of the eye that senses light.”

     The future’s looking up.

     A little mood music:

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