University of San Diego To Prospective Faculty: DIE Or Else!

Meanwhile, at the University of San Diego…

     The far Left have long ago taken over higher education, despite venerable remnants, and are in the process of fortifying their positions by requiring all prospective faculty to declare support for their DIE agenda (i.e. “diversity”, “inclusion”, and “equity”). Unsurprisingly, California universities have been serving as the West Coast vanguard for this. The University of San Diego is not one to be left out of this mandatory profession of the woke faith.

“Candidates must submit: Letter of application, include reference to the cluster(s) of interest, curriculum vitae, teaching statement and a sample syllabus, research statement and a sample of scholarly or creative work, diversity statement, in which you address A) your values with respect to diversity, equity, and inclusion; B) your experience working with minoritized populations and/or on issues that disproportionately affect diverse populations, and C) your plans related to diversity and inclusion in your teaching and research and contact information for three references.”

     Less than a decade ago, such statements were not even mentioned to just a perfunctory commitment to “diversity”. Now, universities and colleges are demanding that prospective faculty profess their “values” in support of the “Diversity”, “Inclusion”, and “Equity” agenda, which while sounding innocuous at a glance is in reality oppression that they decry but with roles reversed.

     And of course, they will claim that their beliefs are “settled” because no one who doesn’t accept the condition that they profess that these beliefs are “settled” are allowed to be in a position to assert that they are not!

     Hat Tip: Mark J. Perry.

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