No Dissent From Diversity!

     Once upon a time, during the Cold War when literal Communists who were literal agents (or useful fools) for the Soviet Union that literally plotted to bring down America, many universities and colleges required loyalty pledges of employees stating that they were not part of this literal Communist conspiracy. The Left, at the time, were outraged that any employer would dare what their employees thought!

     Of course, the Left asked for tolerance because that was in the nature of the American they so loathed. Now that they have seized power, they eschew it so as to protect their own power from a take-over such as the one that they successfully perpetuated.

     No better example of this hypocrisy can be seen than the recent spate of “diversity oaths” that require employees to monomaniacal support the good sounding yet intentionally vague idea of “diversity“. California Polytechnic University San Louis Obispo even developed a thirty page plan to implement this.

“For Cal Poly, requiring the diversity statement is one part of a larger effort school officials are engaged in to ‘improve diversity’ via dozens of various endeavors outlined in its 30-page action plan. As part of the diversity initiatives plan, the university also has a goal of ‘increasing, in a Proposition 209-compliant manner, the hiring of diverse faculty utilizing cluster hires every other year.'”

     The mentioning of Prop. 209, the 1996 California ballot initiative, also known as the California Civil Rights Initiative”, which outlawed racial discrimination (and sex-based discrimination in most cases), makes it clear that this isn’t just about uniformity of thought, but also a way to circumvent the prohibition on racial discrimination in hiring and employment.


“Critics of required diversity statements have suggested they are a tool used to weed out candidates who do not agree with the leftist notion that identity politics should be the lens through which academics is taught. What’s more, critics contend, seeking to identify and hire underrepresented conservative and libertarian scholars is not the type of ‘diversity’ sought through the statements. Finally, they argue, the statements are used to elevate applicants of color over other qualified candidates.

“According to Cal Poly’s action plan, starting this fall officials will ‘require a diversity statement from candidates for all faculty and staff searches.’ Campus decision makers are then expected to use a ‘rubric to assess diversity statements.'”

     The full letter can be read below:

California Polytechnic University San Louis Obispo's Diversity Action Initiatives Leter by ThePoliticalHat on Scribd

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