University Requires Ideological Purity

     College campuses have increasingly become hard-Left monocultures.  Now the University of Cincinnati is formally requiring new faculty and staff formerly declare their ideological purity in writing:

“As of July 1, the University of Cincinnati will request a Diversity and Inclusion statement of all applicants for faculty and staff positions. (Applicants for student-worker positions will not be required to submit such statements for campus-based employment.)

“Like a number of universities across the country, the statement is one part of the overall evaluation of a candidate’s qualifications.

“And as of July 1, new job postings related to staff openings will also require a Diversity and Inclusion statement.


“Faculty and administrative/professional applicants will be asked to submit a personal statement summarizing his or her contributions (or potential contributions) to diversity, inclusion and leadership.

“All other positions, including hourly positions, will be asked to respond to the following question on UC’s application form:

“‘As an equal-opportunity employer with a diverse staff and student population, we are interested in how your qualifications prepare you to work with faculty, staff and students from cultures and backgrounds different from your own.'”

     Why are they doing this?  So that they can preclude any ideological heathen from staining their purity of thought:

“We want to be able to see who people are a little bit coming through the door, and we want them to know who we are, so we aren’t surprised by each other”

     If you want to expand your mind, read classical literature and philosophy.

     If you want to be indoctrinate, go to the University of Cincinnati.

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