“Diversity” Is Inherently Discriminatory And Exclusionary

     “Intersectionality” makes it easy to unite people against a smaller and smaller groups of purported villains (AKA the “Kyriarchs”), by adding new “systems of oppression” and thus ways a person can be oppressed. The flip side of this is that practically anyone can be an “oppressor” despite also being “the oppressed”, depending on how one is placed on the hierarchy of oppression, relative to others.

     Case in point, a Gay man who is raising mixed-race kids was prevented from joining a parent advisory group because… is is White and that wouldn’t “bring diversity” to the group.

     That having a man join the board, which is 100% filled with straight women, would actually increase the “gender diversity” and also include an LGBTQ&c. individual just makes it clear that “diversity” isn’t about diversity, but of excluding people based on their characteristics.

     And yes, this man being denied a seat on the parent advisory group because he was not the right race.

     That this is against the state of California’s ban on racial discrimination (upheld by the people thereof in the November 2020 election) doesn’t seem to stop this discrimination from happening. This raised the question: Who really has systemic privilege.

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